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An item of food in the form of a cylindrical length of minced pork or other meat encased in a skin, typically sold raw to be grilled or fried before eating.
  1. 'This box for four came with moreish sausages, slightly flavourless burgers, good steaks, chicken drumsticks.'
  2. 'Squeeze the sausage meat out of the sausages and discard the skins.'
  3. 'The centrepiece is a bowl of stewed black beans, pork on the bone, pork sausages, chunks of beef, and garlic fried to a crispy gold.'
  4. 'A chef was stationed at one end to cook omelettes and serve bacon, sausages and black pudding.'
  5. 'It would be a delicious side for sausages, roasted pork, or roasted chicken, and it would make a welcome bed for a poached egg.'
  6. 'Place the pork, bacon, sausages, and chopped yellow onion in a large baking pan.'
  7. 'What goes into sausages is top quality meat, cut away when we chop the prime joints from a carcass and then trim the special cuts in the shop.'
  8. 'This simple pasta dish combines pork sausages with fresh fennel bulbs in a soft, subtly anise-flavoured sauce for spaghetti.'
  9. 'I would also be happy to drink this midweek with sausages or grilled lamb chops.'
  10. 'Take half a pound of pork sausages from the freezer and thaw in microwave.'
  11. 'This is a seasoned smoked sausage made of mixed meats, such as beef, pork, and veal.'
  12. '‘They also kept the customs of smoking fish and smoking sausage, which they called kielbasa,’ Ray says.'
  13. 'The sandwich is a slice of black or white bread with butter and cheese or sausage, slices of fresh tomato, radish, or cucumber.'
  14. 'Roggen or rye beers make suitable escorts for the highly spiced style of pastrami, fennel, or pepper riddled salami and sausage.'
  15. 'Pigs are usually slaughtered before Christmas, smoked, made into sausage, and preserved for use throughout the year.'
  16. 'Slice up pieces of Italian sausage onto a bed of lentils.'
  17. 'The buffet is packed with stuff like sirloin, pork, shrimp, calamari, chicken, andouille and smoked sausage, as well as hamburger and hot dogs.'
  18. 'Slice the chorizo sausages thickly, on the diagonal.'
  19. 'This is one of my favourite country soups, based on the classic French garbure, a rustic dish of cabbage, bacon and sliced sausage.'
  20. 'All had a big hearth in the kitchen with an overhanging chimney used to smoke hams and sausage as well as to cook and heat.'
  21. 'her hair hung in glossy black sausage curls'
  22. 'Twist the ends like a cracker and then roll the parcel backwards and forwards to create a sausage shape about the thickness of a 50p piece.'
  23. 'Roll the rabbit in a sausage shape and take the serrano ham.'
  24. 'Tie the ends tightly with string to form the foie gras into a sausage shape.'
  25. 'The Tudors got over this by wrapping the mixture in the gut of a pig and cooking it in a sausage shape.'
Used as an affectionate form of address, especially to a child.
  1. 'However, he became such a silly sausage later on that I can't nominate any of his songs as my all time favourite.'

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1. minced pork, beef, or other meats, often combined, together with various added ingredients and seasonings, usually stuffed into a prepared intestine or other casing and often made in links.

2. Aeronautics. a sausage-shaped observation balloon, formerly used in warfare.

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"inmates can be sausage."


Late Middle English: from Old Northern French saussiche, from medieval Latin salsicia, from Latin salsus ‘salted’ (see sauce).


not a sausage