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Of or characteristic of Satan.
  1. 'The Paschal imagery of Christ as the Lamb of God encouraged the wolf's satanic associations.'
  2. 'Yet as belief in satanic influence on suicides declined, so too did faith in the notions of punishing corpses and confiscating property.'
  3. 'Joseph de Maistre, a Piedmontese noble who had been forced to flee to Switzerland before the French Revolutionary armies, asserted in 1797 that the Revolution was above all satanic and anti-religious.'
  4. 'It was an officially recognized satanic church and coven that boasted about 5,000 members and two dozen chapters nationwide.'
  5. 'Many educated people, while unable to deny the theoretical possibility of witchcraft, felt uncomfortable with what they increasingly regarded as something symptomatic not of a satanic sect, but of popular superstitions.'
  6. 'It's thick enough to be some kind of satanic bible.'
  7. 'The questionnaires were used to measure psychoticism, extraversion, neuroticism, degree of involvement in gaming or satanic practices, and belief in the paranormal.'
  8. 'What gets a little more disturbing is the willingness to embrace satanic religion and culture over there.'
  9. 'The girl I was talking about was initiated into a satanic cult - they use all sorts of methods to hold you in and that's why it's so difficult to have a successful exorcism.'
  10. 'I heard that it had something to do with some kind of satanic cult.'
  11. 'If he is found not guilty, will the search for the real killer be as vigorous or less vigorous as it was at the beginning of this case when they were searching for some satanic cult?'
  12. 'I have to spend a lot of time explaining to my Aunt Mae that there are no aliens, monsters under the bed, or satanic cults in our company.'
  13. 'People who might think that they're going to hear some satanic band are actually going to hear a good, positive message.'
  14. 'only a satanic mind could have placed the death-dealing bomb at the hospital'
  15. 'Final exams are the most evil, satanic, malicious event ever crafted by mankind.'
  16. 'The exhibition contained images almost always brutal, satanic and inhuman, designed to engender feelings of fear and hatred.'
  17. 'Call centres are too often the twenty-first century's satanic mills; but here the workers in this stressful business are given a dignified and humane environment.'


1. of Satan.

2. characteristic of or befitting Satan; extremely wicked; devillike; diabolical.

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"verses can be satanic."

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"mills can be satanic."

"symbols can be satanic."

"cults can be satanic."

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