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Relating to Sardinia, its people, or their language.
  1. 'When this proved inadequate he responded with a range of reforms limiting police powers, introducing the principle of consultation at local level, strengthening the Council of State, and granting greater Sardinian autonomy.'
  2. 'The service at this four-star hotel is very friendly and personal despite the size; all the rooms feature all mod cons and are decorated with a nod to typical Sardinian style, albeit in a homogenous way.'
  3. 'You can't fail to find an exquisite place to eat in Pisa, everything from Tuscan and Sardinian specialities at Il Nuraghe, to dishes elsewhere that even the chef is not sure of!'
  4. 'A genetic database of 4000 people from the Sardinian villages of Perdasdefogu and Talana is already being compiled to search for the genetic origins of heart disease, asthma and depression.'
  5. 'It will largely be set in Sardinia where the teenage Bond runs into a group of Sardinian bandits and a mad Italian count who is trying to restore the Holy Roman Empire.'
  6. 'We chatted to him through the evening, catching up on his news, and at the end of our meal, he came over and served us - on the house - an authentic Sardinian liqueur, made of lemon.'
  7. 'A Sardinian speciality is a large type of ravioli, around five to six centimetres square, with various fillings such as egg and chopped mint, or mashed potato and soft cheese.'
  8. 'Mind you, it is still possible to spot the odd royal sipping Campari and soda at one of the quayside restaurants in Porto Cervo, the main town on this part of the Sardinian coast and a magnet for the super-rich.'
  9. 'I swear the minute we entered Sardinian airspace a little man in a crisp, white suit raced down the beach shouting: ‘Boss, a plane.’'
  10. 'North west of Oristano at Santa Cristina, disconcertingly close to the superstrada, are reminders of Sardinian life 3,500 years ago.'


A native or inhabitant of Sardinia.
  1. 'He governed Sardinia, expelling usurers and restricting the demands made on the Sardinians for the upkeep of himself and his staff.'
  2. 'Scotland is the sixth most homogeneous population in Europe, behind the Lapps, Sardinians, Basques, Icelanders and Finnish.'
  3. 'Cast as the recollected observations of a Sardinian who had long ago traveled across Europe and Great Britain (as related to an Englishman), it is, in effect, a disquisition on national character.'
  4. 'For Sardinians, it has just been another example of what they see as mainland prejudice.'
  5. 'It was he who put his faith in him almost ten years ago, when the little Sardinian was a virtual unknown charged with filling the huge boots of one Diego Armando Maradona at Napoli.'
  6. 'Useless as farmland, next to useless for grazing; and the Sardinians, like many island tribes, never were very keen on fishing.'
The Romance language of Sardinia.
  1. 'Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the first literary texts emerged in Sardinian as part of a purist-inspired bid to develop a cultivated Sardinian language on the basis of the Lugudorian dialect.'


1. of or relating to Sardinia, its inhabitants, or their language. noun

2. a native or inhabitant of Sardinia.

3. a Romance language spoken on Sardinia.

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"cottageses can be sardinian in styles."

"buildings can be sardinian in styles."

"shepherds can be sardinian."

"suns can be sardinian."

"sees can be sardinian."

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