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A long, narrow sandbank, especially at the mouth of a river.
  1. 'Where there is now a sandbar, there should be a river.'
  2. 'We paddled vigorously until lunchtime, when we found a sandbar in the middle of the river.'
  3. 'The goal is to stir up and redistribute sediment from tributary rivers downstream from the dam to enlarge existing beaches and sandbars, create new ones, and distribute sediment into drainage channels.'
  4. 'The flows lead down to a shoreline which scientists think has river deltas and sandbars, all familiar geographical features from home.'
  5. 'Another example is the Kei River which might not have the same exposed sandbars at low tide but is so shallow that the ferry cannot operate at spring low tide.'
  6. 'As these mountain ranges collided through history, they left gas-filled deposits like sandbars in a river.'
  7. 'We stash our kayaks on a different sandbar and start sloshing up a narrow slot canyon running with 98-degree water.'
  8. 'Heidiphyllum elongatum was probably a relatively low-growing shrubby voltzialean conifer that formed dominant to monospecific thickets in areas of higher water table on a floodplain, or on sandbars within the braided river channels.'
  9. 'On October 21st a sandbar at the mouth of a river just south of Dulag was surveyed for possible removal by explosives but was judged to be an impractical project.'
  10. 'Mafia is the largest island in this archipelago, which is made up of many smaller islands atolls and tidal sandbars.'

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1. a bar of sand formed in a river or sea by the action of tides or currents.

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"inlets can be sandbar."


(sand bar)