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A sacred place, especially a shrine within a temple or church.
  1. 'The statue of the goddess in the sanctum was small and was heavily garlanded with bells and gold borders - offerings made to the goddess for boons granted.'
  2. 'When the nayika has decided on dedicating her life to Tyagesa, the squares and circles are too elaborate and she seeks a diagonal route straight to the deity in the sanctum.'
  3. 'Its easier to work with technology these days than it is to find obscure herbs and ingredients, to get proper working tools for the old pagan religions, or to construct proper sanctums for ritual use.'
  4. 'One goat is then sacrificed and its blood sprinkled in the Tabernacle's innermost sanctum, the Holy of Holies.'
  5. 'However, in all but the most basic temples, other elements are present, at least a porch, and often an antechamber or antarala, a hall or mandapa, a dwajasthamba or a flag-mast, usually a pillar fixed outside the main shrine in the sanctum.'
  6. 'Thus the upper part of the sanctum assumes a pyramidal shape, which when built would have been at least 40 feet (unfortunately, not much of the temple survives).'
A private place from which most people are excluded.
  1. 'The invitation had one condition: no conversation within the sanctum was to be directly reported.'
  2. 'The NIST chief has to maintain strict operational security and avoid passing any operational details to the Pentagon or other Washington sanctums.'
  3. 'Swallowing, she determined the noise had come from the deeper sanctums of the library.'

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1. a sacred or holy place.

2. an inviolably private place or retreat.

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"sentiments can be sanctum."


Late 16th century: from Latin, neuter of sanctus ‘holy’, from sancire ‘consecrate’.