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Set apart as or declare holy; consecrate.
  1. 'Rituals by the Converted temporarily sanctify specific locations - a house, the market square, a crossroads, a beach - for services they hold there.'
  2. 'As the promising young Christian leader in his rural South African village, James is dispatched on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, an experience intended to sanctify his succession as the next pastor.'
  3. 'This historic church has been sanctified by the prayers and praises of countless thousands who have worshipped within its walls.'
  4. 'It's an awesome place and the Celts associated it with their Goddess of Waters, Sul, sanctifying it into a shrine.'
  5. 'They sanctified the Holy Days and consecrated the marriage vows.'
  6. 'Earlier in the day, he said the Dalai Lama was scheduled to sanctify a Buddhist temple in Elista, the Kalmyk capital, and that no meetings with Russian officials were planned.'
  7. 'Nine monks performed a ritual ceremony to sanctify the shrine, and blessed the local residents and the surrounding area.'
  8. 'Larger Orthodox churches are often constructed in a cross in-square configuration, and all contain an icon screen separating the sanctuary where communion bread and wine are sanctified from the rest of the building.'
  9. 'This ‘religious’ object is now sanctified daily by priests with poojas.'
  10. 'Mother Theresa, to be sanctified next spring, once said that she sometimes prayed for 24 hours.'
  11. 'They sanctified the ground and declared that should whites attempt to attack the Red Sticks here, their bullets would fall harmlessly to the ground.'
  12. 'The grave was then dug, if this had not already been done, and sanctified by a priest with holy water and incense.'
  13. 'A revered monk performs a ritual ceremony to sanctify the signs at each of the guesthouses at her Ban Ruan Thai Kalae.'
  14. 'Legal institutions brought over from England at the founding of the colonies defined all these dependent relationships (except slavery) and powerful religious traditions sanctified them.'
  15. 'For good measure, it has been built to vaastu specifications and, before its departure, was sanctified by Judev at a special ceremony where 101 coconuts were broken and a goat sacrificed!'
  16. 'Bait Hillel states that first you bless the wine then sanctify the Shabbat.'
  17. 'may God sanctify his soul'
  18. 'The church will sanctify your body and soul on Sundays.'
  19. 'That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word.'
  20. 'ancient customs that are sanctified by tradition'
  21. 'As a joke, it succeeds marvelously, taking square aim at the government that borrows from the perceived grandeur of the British colonial era to sanctify the art made by its own citizens.'
  22. 'Those terms were settled, and indeed sanctified, in the long struggle down the centuries to the founding and then to the preservation, the protection and the defence of our liberal representative democracy.'

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1. made holy; consecrated: sanctified wine.

2. sanctimonious: a sickening, sanctified smile.

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"words can be sanctified."

"wafers can be sanctified."

"violences can be sanctified."

"stones can be sanctified."

"senses can be sanctified."

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Late Middle English: from Old French saintifier (influenced later by sanctifier), from ecclesiastical Latin sanctificare, from Latin sanctus ‘holy’.