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A piece of embroidery worked in various stitches as a specimen of skill, typically containing the alphabet and some mottoes.
  1. 'Long ago, when she was a little girl, one of the servants had cross stitched for her a little sampler that now hung on the wall.'
  2. 'Although from very modest circumstances, a number of students acquired needle skills and worked samplers that were the equivalent in style and expertise to those worked in the most fashionable schools in Baltimore.'
  3. 'Included are samplers, embroidered pictures, portraits, sewing implements and patterns, quilts, clothing, linens, fabric swatches, photographs, and other documents.'
  4. 'The Philosopher's Room is a heady mix of high art and popular culture, decorated with samplers embroidered with witty, mock-homespun proverbs.'
  5. 'Keep your stitch sampler for future reference.'
  6. '‘I'm entering my double wedding ring quilt, and a couple of blouses that I embroidered and my new sampler,’ Teresa said.'
  7. 'Under the tutelage of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Joseph's, she would have acquired needlework skills by working a sampler or pictorial silk embroidery.'
  8. 'If you are handy with a needle and embroidery floss, create a cross-stitch sampler featuring those words.'
  9. 'Mary's marking sampler, with six alphabets worked in black in the Quaker block style, names Alexandria as its place of origin.'
  10. 'Painstakingly researched, it has been more than ten years in the making, and offers a unique survey of embroidered map samplers produced across the UK during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.'
A representative collection or example of something.
  1. 'I happen to love soups, and I wish restaurants would do more with them, so I was pleased to discover that Shade offers three daily selections, and a sampler trio of small cups for the inveterate browser.'
  2. 'At Falling Rock, for example, instead of offering samplers or beer flights, bartenders help customers choose by asking questions and giving them tastes.'
  3. 'Like most sampler CDs, this collection of 15 rare tracks is hit and miss.'
  4. 'It is not, however, just a sampler drawn from past recordings.'
  5. 'Still, it's fair to say that the episodes here represent a good sampler of One Step Beyond's brand of thriller television.'
  6. 'The whole album is a sampler of electronic music.'
  7. 'On these pages, we present a gallery of contemporary Western rock gardens and a sampler of rock plants.'
  8. 'As with all the other fodder articles in this series, we close with a sampler for the air warrior/scholar - this one a list of 10 books on air mobility.'
  9. 'Other ideal sampler combinations offer a couple of intensive pampering services with a treatment that focuses on homecare.'
A person or device that takes and analyses samples.
  1. 'Comparisons of bacterial and fungal loads by culture, from samples collected with an impaction sampler, showed Staphylococcus hemolyticus and Micrococcus lutens as the most common in indoor air.'
  2. 'Our findings are similar to those of Crebelli et al. and Tomei et al., who obtained significant correlations between benzene and alkylbenzene exposures measured by passive personal samplers near the breathing zone.'
  3. 'The sampler has good potential for detecting microorganisms present in numbers too small to be recovered by traditional methods, such as swab or serum sampling.'
An electronic device for sampling music and sound.
  1. 'A group of five young people, aged from 19 to 21, have spent the past year overseeing work on the studio, which includes a recording deck, mixing track, samplers and turntables.'
  2. 'My main sampler of choice these days is the Emagic EXS - 24, but we also have Kontakt and a GigaStudio PC setup, as well as a vast array of hardware samplers.'
  3. 'The note and controller data from the guitar is sent to the sampler via MAX but no processing occurs.'
  4. 'He says the book is not intended to offer advice about what equipment to buy or to replace the operation manual, but is concerned with helping one create an innovative, exciting and personal sound palate using a sampler.'
  5. 'We program loops, samples and effects in the studio over a number of weeks and then load them into our sampler which we take out with us and sequence it all.'
  6. 'All throughout this record, the pair combine acoustic and electric instruments with samplers and various electronic devices to build a series of intricate sonic constructions with strong evocative undercurrents.'
  7. 'Finally we will re-sample say a 20 second sequence and place it within a program on the sampler in order to use for live performance.'
  8. 'Later in the piece, a sampler kicks in and inserts pre-recorded fragments of an African song into the mix to create a de facto trio.'
  9. 'Manning a console of five turntables and assorted hidden keyboard samplers, the former college radio DJ from the San Francisco Bay area kept a trance-like beat going throughout his performance.'
  10. 'Its array of synths, samplers, drum machines and effects provide endless possibilities for sound - most importantly, unique sound.'

More definitions

1. a person who samples.

2. a piece of cloth embroidered with various stitches, serving to show a beginner's skill in needlework.

3. a collection of samples, selections, etc.: a sampler of French poetry.

4. an electronic device that digitally encodes and stores samples of sound.

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"discs can be sampler."


Middle English (denoting an example to be imitated): from Old French essamplaire ‘exemplar’.