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Tasting of, containing, or preserved with salt.
  1. 'a faint breeze wafted a salty tang off the sea'
  2. 'Lily, too, said that her soup was too sweet - and the won ton themselves (small Chinese dumplings with a meat filling) were too salty.'
  3. 'You can't walk 10 feet without being covered in sweat, and you arrive everywhere sticky, salty and breathless.'
  4. 'Many endurance athletes need to consume salty foods and salt to replace sodium losses.'
  5. 'Like sausages, bacon tends to be very salty and may also be preserved with the chemical sodium nitrite, which has been linked to an increased risk of stomach cancer.'
  6. 'The vegetable stock is salty enough that additional salt probably won't be necessary.'
  7. 'Don't worry about the sea salt making it too salty; the skin protects the fish well against this.'
  8. 'Season with plenty of black pepper and some salt, though remember the bacon may be quite salty.'
  9. 'We speculated that it could have been marinaded in soy sauce, because there was a lovely, salty tang to the skin.'
  10. 'Local people also prepare homemade snacks to serve with the tea, such as preserved fruits, salty vegetables and potato pieces.'
  11. 'Calypso inhaled in a deep breath of ocean air, feeling the salty tang penetrate her nostrils.'
(of language or humour) down-to-earth; coarse.
  1. 'Gosh, it sure looks to me as if old Fred's only using some salty language to say the same thing the rest of these guys are saying.'
  2. 'There's a salty rural saying, beloved of Finnish technocrats: ‘God never says no to grand thoughts.’'
  3. 'Already, comments from John Henry about profanity on the site have prompted moderators to crack down on the salty language.'
Tough or aggressive.
  1. 'If rip-roaring eighteenth century epics are your thing, you will probably love this book, stuffed as it is with salty character and fulsome event.'
  2. 'she was salty because I didn't go with her to her senior prom'


1. tasting of or containing salt; saline.

2. piquant; sharp; witty.

3. racy or coarse: salty humor.

4. of the sea, sailing, or life at sea.

More examples(as adjective)

"pools can be salty because of seas."

"people can be salty with tears."

"people can be salty from sprays."

"waters can be salty."

"tastes can be salty."

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