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Very holy or virtuous.
  1. 'As our power of resistance has got exhausted, we have shun our frustration, and learnt the enviable and saintly art of satisfaction, stoicism and endurance.'
  2. 'Similarly, on other occasions, pictures or images of gurus and saintly people have been seen miraculously to produce holy water or ash.'
  3. 'The practice of mutual reverence for each other's spiritual and saintly figures will promote genuine mutual respect.'
  4. 'He would above all be remembered as a most saintly Pontiff whose example to young and old alike will long flourish, and be enshrined deep in the hearts of all who loved and respected him.'
  5. 'Kinsey is a biopic that does not conspire to paint an immaculate, saintly, and ultimately one-dimensional portrait of its subject.'
  6. 'His film includes a wonderful scene where Sister Bridget cries when watching The Bells Of Saint Mary's, obviously sees herself in the saintly Ingrid Bergman role.'
  7. 'In fact, those compelled to eat perfectly organic, nutritious, pure foods often feel a step above the rest of us - saintly and self-righteous.'
  8. 'While I do think the saints have spiritual maturity, often very saintly people and profoundly religious people struggle with other personality conflicts.'
  9. 'a crypt for some saintly relic'
  10. 'The new film deals with the infamous Borgia family which produced no less than two saintly Popes in Italy during the 14th and 15th century.'

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1. pertaining to, like, or befitting a saint: saintly lives.

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"wills can be saintly."

"times can be saintly."

"statesmans can be saintly."

"starts can be saintly."

"souls can be saintly."

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