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An Asian antelope which has a distinctive convex snout with the nostrils opening downwards, living in herds on the cold steppes.
  1. 'Many birds and some antelopes, notably the dik-dik and the saiga, sport noses that give them an exceptional ability to regulate brain temperature and conserve water.'
  2. 'And in just 10 years, hunters in Asia have killed hundreds of thousands of saiga, an Asian antelope, pushing the species to the brink of extinction.'
  3. 'Further paleoecological evidence for a lack of permafrost comes from the existence of some animals with small hooves, such as the saiga antelope.'
  4. 'Other creatures, such as the antelope-like saiga of Central Asia and certain kinds of desert hares, have filtering tissues surrounding their respiratory tracts that give them the same adaptive advantage.'

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1. a goatlike antelope, Saiga tatarica, of western Asia and eastern Russia, having a greatly enlarged muzzle.

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"populations can be saiga."

"migratings can be saiga."

"antelopes can be saiga."


Early 19th century: from Russian.