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    Used in legal language or humorously to refer to someone or something already mentioned or named.
    1. 'On or before 3 February 1989, the Claimant herein had failed to make the said payments as set out herein above.'
    2. 'Mike Davis, the author of the said article, is the founder of Colorprep.'
    3. 'Although the issue was debated at length at the national roads board work programme and that a commitment was made by the ministry to make available the said document, nothing has been done.'


    1. simple past tense and past participle of say1 . adjective

    2. Chiefly Law. named or mentioned before; aforesaid; aforementioned: said witness; said sum. said2 [sah-id] /ˈsɑ ɪd/ Spell Syllables noun, Islam.

    1. sayyid. say1 [sey] /seɪ/ Spell Syllables verb (used with object), said, saying.

    1. to utter or pronounce; speak: What did you say? I said “Hello!”.

    2. to express in words; state; declare; word: Say it clearly and sim

    More examples(as adjective)

    "sames can be said of people."

    "people can be said in statements."

    "sames can be said of places."

    "organiserses can be said in things."

    "masses can be said in churches."

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