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The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.
  1. 'the survivors were airlifted to safety'
  2. 'Risk assessments must be conducted if the work exposes employees to levels of vibration that could pose a risk to health and safety, and action must be taken.'
  3. 'There is no evidence that the plaintiff's conduct put anyone's health or safety at risk.'
  4. 'One of the traditional roles of family has been to provide a structure of safety, protection and security for individuals who are linked by blood.'
  5. 'Was it necessary to show an imminent danger to health or safety?'
  6. 'There are health, safety and environmental risks associated with asbestos.'
  7. 'Giving evidence, he told the court that he was a ‘proficient’ gunman and that he had taken steps to avoid any risk to health and safety.'
  8. 'Steinbach veterinarian Doug Bazinet said the risk from BSE to human health and food safety is very low.'
  9. 'Tonight, we'll show you how some of those imports put your health and safety at risk.'
  10. 'However, due to the potential health and safety risk it was decided to remove the trees and replace with native species at a later date in the year.'
  11. 'They had no health and safety training and no risk assessments had been carried out, a jury heard.'
  12. 'a safety helmet'
  13. 'Reports indicate that safety rails designed to prevent falls from the platform had been removed.'
  14. 'The ditch would need to be braced to prevent cave-in and a safety fence would need to be built around the ditch.'
  15. 'Individual child safety seats are designed to fit children of specific heights and weights.'
  16. 'Make sure extension cords have safety closures to help prevent shock hazards and mouth burn injuries.'
  17. 'Many of these fatalities and injuries could have been prevented if proper safety precautions were taken.'
  18. 'There will be a strong desire for preventive technologies and safety mechanisms even in the home.'
  19. 'There were also damaged safety barriers and walkways.'
  20. 'All models have a safety switch preventing operation when the hopper door is opened.'
  21. 'During this summer we saw a case of VG rope breaking and found a slightly damaged safety wire on that glider.'
  22. 'The specially designed ventilated safety cap is also easier for kids to remove and recap.'
  23. 'This subcompact pistol sports three integral safeties, nothing to snag on a purse or holster and a finish that can stand up to extreme wear and tear.'
  24. 'The P99 has the customary passive firing pin and disconnector safeties.'
  25. 'The SEALs disengaged the safeties on their rifles.'
  26. 'The other parts of a Baer package are things we've come to consider standard on custom guns: checkering, sights, triggers, beavertails and safeties.'
  27. 'The tank commander swung his machine gun around, flipping off the safeties… and hesitated, the barrel pointed at the elder.'
  28. 'We strode in single file to join the creek, weapons - safeties off - leading the way.'
  29. 'Several of the guards, mingling among the inmates, flicked off the safeties of their own weapons in preparation of any trouble.'
  30. 'Joe's invention is a thumb safety for both large and small frame Glock pistols.'
  31. 'It can be fired single or double-action, and has an automatic safety that blocks the firing pin until the trigger is pulled.'
  32. 'They fit regular 1911 holsters, the ambidextrous thumb safeties work the same way and the light double-action only trigger pull is excellent.'
A defensive back who plays in a deep position.
  1. 'The play of the safeties needs to improve, particularly when the team goes to its nickel and dime packages.'
  2. 'Their speed will force defenses to use their safeties deeper to help the corners.'
  3. 'The team almost certainly will take a safety with one of its first draft picks and will need to find some depth at corner in free agency.'
  4. 'Sam Games and Damien Robinson are physical safeties, not speed demons, and opponents have been able to capitalize.'
  5. 'Asi Faoa blocked the ensuing punt in the end zone for a UCLA safety.'
  6. 'If she has played a safety on her trouble ball, she would have won.'
A condom.

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    1. the state of being safe; freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger, or loss.

    2. the quality of averting or not causing injury, danger, or loss.

    3. a contrivance or device to prevent injury or avert danger.

    4. Also called lock, safety catch, safety lock. a locking or cutoff device that prevents a gun from being fired accidentally.

    5. the action of keeping safe.

    6. Football. an act or play in which a player on the offensive team is tackled in his own end

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    "standards can be safety."

    "problems can be safety."

    "reasons can be safety."

    "leaflets can be safety."

    "issues can be safety."

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    Middle English: from Old French sauvete, from medieval Latin salvitas, from Latin salvus ‘safe’.


    safety first
    there's safety in numbers