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Involving or committing sacrilege.
  1. 'it seems sacrilegious to say this, but it's really not that great a film'
  2. 'If I felt like jumping on the bandwagon, I could discuss how both of these films are abominations to the Christmas holiday and just plain sacrilegious.'
  3. 'Everything I do seems meaningless, sacrilegious, profane.'
  4. 'Now, I don't want to sound sacrilegious here, but we considered you the ‘high priests’ of our programs.'
  5. 'However, the sacrilegious acts received little coverage in the West, particularly in the United States.'
  6. 'This would be seen as highly sacrilegious by many Muslims.'
  7. 'Is spreading the Dhamma electronically sacrilegious?'
  8. 'I suspect that it is probably sacrilegious or even blasphemous to suggest such a thing.'
  9. 'It was at once the most sacrilegious and yet mystic moment many of them had ever experienced.'
  10. 'It shouldn't take such an enormous grassroots effort to prevent sacrilegious exploitation of holy places.'
  11. 'In the U.S., the frequency with which religious groups have waged campaigns over supposedly sacrilegious paintings is starting to get tiring.'


1. pertaining to or involving sacrilege: sacrilegious practices.

2. guilty of sacrilege: a sacrilegious person.

More examples(as adjective)

"disregards can be sacrilegious."

"acts can be sacrilegious."

"people can be sacrilegious."

"attacks can be sacrilegious."

"twists can be sacrilegious."

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