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A marten with a short tail and dark brown fur, native to Japan and Siberia and valued for its fur.
  1. 'The Chinese caravans traded silk, porcelain and tea for furs of black fox and sable, and ivory tusks from frozen mammoths.'
  2. 'Russia's first strict nature reserve - Barguzinsky Zapovednik - was founded in 1916 on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal to protect the endangered Barguzin sable.'
  3. 'Thus, you get the flora and fauna of both - tigers, panthers, wild boar and pythons tread the same tracks as reindeer, wolves and sables.'
  4. 'He wrote, ‘The principal riches of Kamchatka consist in the great number of wild beasts: among them are foxes, sables, stone foxes, hares, marmots, ermines, weasels, wolves, reindeer, wild and tame, and stone rams.’'
  5. 'Local tribes sometimes resisted, but in the long run were subdued and subjected to tribute, usually in the form of so many skins per year, the sable being especially sought.'
  6. 'Mink is America's favorite fur, according to the Fur Information Council of America, followed by sable, fox and beaver.'
  7. 'But it was the Tzar’s luxurious fur coat made of sable and decorated with gold and silver thread that impressed them the most.'
  8. 'On more practical ground, Ferrè also delivered a few totally tempting scarves with cashmere rib-knit on one side, and sable on the other.'
  9. 'The law emphasizes that only those of ‘superior degrees’ are permitted to wear satin, silk, and sable or cloth made of or mixed with gold, silver, or tinsel.'


  1. postpositive 'six martlets sable'
  2. 'The carriage door swung open, revealing a tall woman with sable hair and dressed in an azure gown, bringing out her gray-blue eyes.'
  3. 'If you have brown eyes, stick with taupe, sable and mocha hues.'
  4. 'Servants in their traditional livery continued about their tasks, sable bands about their arms in honor.'
  5. 'The most frequently seen are shades of darkest red to lightest cream, some with sable accents; but many Poms occur in solid black, black and tan, and parti-colors.'
  6. 'Valarie brushed a lock of sable hair off her shoulder and twirled around proudly, ‘Like my outfit?’'
  7. 'He pulled Rochelle's sable ringlets away from her neck and began to kiss it.'
  8. 'Sauron has accepted victory, and the sable banners of the Lidless Eye will be hoisted over the walls of the captured city.'
  9. 'As expected, the door opened to reveal Aunt Demeter's porcelain, rose-accented features and sable hair.'
  10. 'Chocolate brown eyes had been coloured sable with grief and longing, and that added to the visible exhaustion of what could only be more than a week's worth of sleeplessness…'
  11. 'The family arms were; ‘Argent, a fess between six crosslets fitchee sable.’'
  12. 'Adele stopped reading and met Dana's sable eyes with her own lavender ones.'
  13. 'The peculiar thing was that sable curtains blocked the inside of the store from view.'


  1. 'The pants were plain enough, tight, but of a good silk in a rich sable.'
  2. 'For instance, the use of the word sable to describe the skin color of her race imparts a suggestion of rarity and richness that also makes affiliation with the group of which she is a part something to be desired and even sought after.'
  3. 'They say he's tall and handsome, and that his hair is as black as sable.'
  4. 'I also noticed she had tattooed-on eyebrows in a lovely shade of sable.'
  5. 'He is in mourning for his father still, even though it's been 3 years, and goes about dressed in sables which people think terribly unfashionable.'
A large African antelope with long curved horns, the male of which has a black coat and the female a russet coat, both having a white belly.
  1. 'Also present are elephant, sable antelope, reedbuck, common duiker, blue and vervet monkeys.'
  2. 'Throughout Zimbabwe, 64 percent of kudu, 63 percent of giraffes, 56 percent of cheetahs, and 53 percent of sable antelope and impalas were on private ranch properties.'
  3. 'The 14 species of the game include giraffes, zebras, sables, kudus, elands, impalas, pukus, waterbucks, reedbucks, siatoongas, bushbucks, common buickers and graycebucks.'
  4. 'The 50,000 acres of land at Gourlays Ranch is a recognised wildlife conservancy, home to thousands of animals including elephants, leopards, sables and kudus.'
  5. 'Lions are about the only predators strong enough to bring down a healthy sable.'
  6. 'The relocation is the first phase of a resettlement programme of several wildlife species, including giant sable and red buffalo, to Kissama over the next five years.'


1. an Old World weasellike mammal, Mustela zibellina, of cold regions in Eurasia and the North Pacific islands, valued for its dark brown fur.

2. a marten, especially Mustela americana.

3. the fur of the sable.

4. the color black, often being one of the heraldic colors.

5. sables, mourning garments. adjective

6. of the heraldic color sable.

7. made of the fur or hair of the sable.

8. very dark; black.

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Middle English: from Old French (as a heraldic term), generally taken to be identical with sable, although sable fur is dark brown.