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Involving or limited to basic principles.
  1. 'Medical, education and public infrastructure is almost non-existent and what is there is rudimentary.'
  2. 'One of my proudest achievements as an adult is having picked up a rudimentary understanding of test cricket.'
  3. 'The introduction is quite rudimentary, suitable for complete beginners to programming.'
  4. 'A rudimentary understanding of the inner-workings of cars is recommended but some beginners' classes start at square one.'
  5. 'Field commanders were tethered to and limited by a very rudimentary logistics infrastructure.'
  6. 'Local priests were drawn largely from the peasant communities they served and were probably afforded only rudimentary education.'
  7. 'In remote areas, there are not even roads let alone rudimentary education and health facilities.'
  8. 'U.S. officials believe that a rudimentary missile defence system might be operational by 2005.'
  9. 'Having been brought up in the small village of Snitterfield he is likely to have received only a rudimentary education, and seems not to have learned to write.'
  10. 'His rudimentary education prompted Lumumba to appoint him as his secretary for the duration of the negotiations.'
  11. 'They had few rights and a very rudimentary education, in some cases none if the money was not available to pay for it.'
  12. 'The imaginal discs now develop into rudimentary adult appendages like wings, legs, and antennae.'
  13. 'Although there is no substantive evidence of apes having a theory of mind, they may possess its precursor - a rudimentary self-awareness.'
  14. 'The anterior tibial may be absent, rudimentary, or highly developed.'
  15. 'They occur frequently in the mines, which often lack even rudimentary safety equipment such as ventilators to disperse the gas.'
  16. 'Individuals have large broad heads with rudimentary eyes hidden under the skin.'
  17. 'It has one set of compound eyes like a fly's, one set of simple, rudimentary eyes, and multiple photoreceptors on its telson.'
  18. 'Even as embryos, we possess many anatomical features of our future adult bodies, albeit often in rudimentary form.'
  19. 'Still another unusual feature which appeared in some of the later sauropods was rudimentary body armor.'
  20. 'They have small, rudimentary clavicles, a small procoracoid process, no syrinx, and reduced caeca.'
  21. 'Science has only a rudimentary internal moral navigation system.'


1. pertaining to rudiments or first principles; elementary: a rudimentary knowledge of geometry.

2. of the nature of a rudiment; undeveloped or vestigial.

3. primitive.

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"levels can be rudimentary in/at/on years."

"forms can be rudimentary."

"knowledges can be rudimentary."

"systems can be rudimentary."

"skills can be rudimentary."

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