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Shaped like a circle or cylinder.
  1. 'He takes off his small round glasses, wipes away the mist.'
  2. 'In front of the fireplace sat a round card table, covered by a green cloth, and flanked by four plush, green leather upholstered wingback chairs.'
  3. 'A faint light shone from the small round window on the door.'
  4. 'I could see the fear etched across her small round face.'
  5. 'Blake was sitting at one of the round tables, staring into thin air.'
  6. 'It is also a town with an impressive heritage - an ancient church and round tower and a large enclosed medieval castle, some of which has been re-roofed.'
  7. 'Marie was sitting at one of the small round tables surrounding the dance floor.'
  8. 'A small round table at one end and a book stand next to it.'
  9. 'He saluted and adjusted his large round wire rimmed glasses.'
  10. 'Ebony woke to see the morning sun light just coming through the small round window.'
  11. 'round brackets'
  12. 'They slid into a round booth next to a French window.'
  13. 'Thick green grass lined a small, almost perfectly round curve along the bank of a stream, a small waterfall splashing softly thirty feet away.'
  14. 'This has a vaulted ceiling supported on round arches.'
  15. 'His personal trademark are the signs of an existential fatigue: drooping shoulders, round backs, knees that are bent inward, lowered heads.'
  16. 'The innkeeper raised appealing eyes to heaven, spread out his long fingers, and heaved his round shoulders.'
Shaped like a sphere.
  1. 'the grapes are small and round'
  2. 'It was round and spherical, with a deep groove on one side.'
  3. 'That day I had worn this thick cotton quilted coat and pants that my mother had made me, and I looked like a round snowball.'
  4. 'Tidily stacked on the shelves are round cabbages, stripped of their rough outer leaves, and a basket of glossy apples; bright seemly rotundities.'
  5. 'He reached into his pocket and brought forth a small round sphere.'
  6. 'Her words rise toward the surface in bright, round bubbles.'
  7. 'Some dolls had cloth bodies with a small round gourd, acorn, or apple for a head.'
  8. 'Sheriff T.C. Wynn was a tall, round man with thick, shaded glasses and jet black hair that was graying at his temples.'
  9. 'Uncle August was married to my Aunt Avice, a pudgy and round sort of woman.'
  10. 'Josh Jones was a short, round man with a high-pitched voice and a constant grin.'
  11. 'Alex had naturally blond hair that was almost white, a perfect tan, a short and round frame that made her look chunky in certain outfits, and green eyes.'
  12. 'Lennie is a big man with great strength; his body and features are round and undefined.'
  13. 'Jasmine kissed him on his bruised lips and pressed as much of her round body against him as she could.'
  14. 'A genuinely happy and rather round nurse bustled over to her.'
  15. 'She wore baggy shirts and tight pants which only accentuated her round figure.'
  16. 'the boulders look round and smooth'
  17. 'I felt my hand being pressed against a smooth, round mound.'
  18. 'A large, round, smooth rock protruded suddenly a few feet past a break in the forest.'
(of a voice) rich and mellow; not harsh.
  1. '‘I always like champagne in the afternoon,’ he informed me in his rich round voice.'
  2. 'He speaks this language like every other American, with a deep round voice that seems to come from somewhere below his knees.'
(of a number) expressed in convenient units rather than exactly, for example to the nearest whole number or multiple of ten.
  1. 'They were confused by our round sum of $25,000,000.'
  2. 'The store manager saw on the daily transaction report that something was wrong, because it displayed an odd dollar amount rather than a round multiple of 20.'
  3. 'Do you think the company could string things out long enough for the fine to reach a nice, round billion dollars?'
  4. 'However, for the purposes of argument, let's stick with a million as a nice round figure.'
  5. 'a round dozen'
  6. 'The network of offices reached a round dozen this year.'
  7. 'his business is worth a round sum to me'
Not omitting or disguising anything; frank.


    A circular piece of something.
    1. 'Working carefully, I slid a thin knife under the wax rounds, popping them off in one piece.'
    2. 'We started with the meat patty, as that was a simple round.'
    3. 'Wendy had bowls and soup spoons laid out, and gracing the center of the table was a large round of crusty bread, still warm from the oven.'
    4. 'All meals are accompanied with large rounds of flat bread.'
    5. 'Nutrient composition data are available for four lean cuts of bison: rib-eye, clod, top round and top sirloin.'
    An act of visiting a number of people or places in turn.
    1. 'Intrigued, and in no particular rush I decided to talk to her before making my rounds of the town.'
    2. 'I made the rounds visiting all my friends and the new exhibit of the Pierre and Maria-Gaetana Matisse Collection.'
    3. 'He's been doing the rounds of the newspapers portraying himself as the victim of press intrusion into his private life, and discoursing on identity and being proud to be English.'
    4. 'The patrollers generally made their rounds at night, with their activity and regularity differing according to time and place.'
    5. 'He is making the rounds of all the mystery conventions, taking bows for his long and prosperous career, which may be winding down a bit after all these years.'
    6. 'His first night on the job the old night watchman gives him a tour, showing Martin the rounds he must make.'
    7. 'An energetic round of theatre visits kept her in touch with the latest in dramatic writing and performance.'
    8. 'Sara made the rounds of a few of the commands around the perimeter of the valley, attending to last-minute details.'
    9. 'When he was 20, Lewis made the rounds of Nashville's country career-makers.'
    10. 'In fact, the officer classes seem to have been engaged in a constant round of visits.'
    11. 'the doctor is just making his rounds in the wards'
    12. 'The other flight attendants continued making their rounds.'
    13. 'The jingle of keys rings out as the guard makes his rounds.'
    14. 'When on his rounds in the African hospital, he had been known to look at some minor injury to a hand or foot and then utter the dread words, ‘That will have to come off!’'
    15. 'She glanced up and down the hallway, checking for night nurses making their rounds.'
    16. 'For as long as I could remember Doc Harris had been making his rounds in his trap with Lady, the grey mare.'
    17. 'My very first job was doing a bread delivery round for the Co-op for six months.'
    Each of a sequence of sessions in a process, typically characterized by development between one session and another.
    1. 'Investment in education in general, and in particular school education would play a vital role in the next round of development.'
    2. 'The senior officials have so far held three rounds of preparatory meetings this year.'
    3. 'They held a third round of talks in Beijing last week.'
    4. 'In a second round of personal interviews, participants recalled critical incidents of using information from the Web.'
    5. 'A new round of global trade negotiations is moving closer to being launched, as the six-day ministerial meeting in Doha draws to a close.'
    6. 'The talks will be this year's third round of negotiations, and the 11 th overall.'
    7. 'Australia and Singapore have begun a second round of bilateral trade talks in Canberra, and are aiming to sign a free trade pact by the end of the year.'
    8. 'He looked tattered and damp, as if he'd just done ten rounds of mud wrestling.'
    9. 'Haley and I sat on the swings, while Chad and Dominic continued their tiebreaker round of wrestling.'
    10. 'the FA Cup first round'
    11. 'As many as twenty six rounds of negotiations were held between the Akali Dal and the government.'
    12. 'The tournament will have five rounds, one on the Thursday evening, two on the Friday (morning and evening), one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday.'
    13. 'We feel sure that we've made it into the next round of the competition.'
    14. 'After that, we'll play in the first round of the conference tournament.'
    15. 'This is the first round where the contestants are partnerless.'
    16. 'Five ‘semi-finalists’ were chosen to move into the second round of the demolition derby.'
    17. 'I didn't get past the second round so my last song was never performed.'
    18. 'But all the same, it was a win and it guaranteed Wilson a spot in the next round.'
    19. 'The women went into Sunday's playoff round pleased with their overall play.'
    20. 'Eileen enjoys the occasional round of golf'
    21. 'The trips involved an overnight stay, a meal and a round of golf.'
    22. 'It's perfect for kids - or kids at heart who don't have time to play a full 18-hole round.'
    23. 'The Scot began yesterday's round with a par that gave no indication of what was to come.'
    24. 'The lead seesawed between the two of them for much of the round, before John went ahead to stay after the 16th hole of the round.'
    25. 'He had been to the club, got in a round of golf, had an excellent buffet breakfast, and then headed home.'
    26. 'So much business has been conducted over a round of golf that it's almost cliche.'
    27. 'The Old Head is one of the most expensive courses in Ireland: green fees are €250 for a round of golf.'
    28. 'Brennan said that while most GPs like to think they are not being influenced, the reality was that a meal or a round of golf did influence their choices.'
    29. 'Once the round of golf is over, the brothers can relax in the hotel's leisure complex.'
    30. 'But he is also described as a ‘personable’ guy who enjoys a round of golf and a drink.'
    A regularly recurring sequence of activities.
    1. 'Festivities at Christmas, Easter, and May Day, at the end of ploughing and the completion of harvest, relieved the monotony of the daily round of labor.'
    2. 'For expats, life's an endless round of parties.'
    3. 'it's my round'
    4. 'Though she wasn't drinking anything harder than mineral water, Isabelle took her turn in buying a round of drinks.'
    5. 'Betty walked over to give Jess and Phoebe their next round of drinks.'
    6. 'Hopefully, one of them will buy the first round of drinks.'
    7. 'Buying a round of drinks can get pretty steep sometimes.'
    8. 'He walked smoothly towards the bar to get another round of drinks.'
    9. 'We order a round of drinks and then I head out to the dance floor.'
    10. 'She distracted Annie from more questions by ordering around round of drinks for everyone.'
    11. 'I went over to them and said, ‘I apologise’, and I bought them a round of drinks.'
    12. 'They called over the bartender and ordered a round of beers.'
    13. 'Andrew was at the bar, ordering a round of drinks for them all.'
    A song for three or more unaccompanied voices or parts, each singing the same theme but starting one after another, at the same pitch or in octaves; a simple canon.
    1. 'We sang songs in rounds, back and forth with our own echoes.'
    2. 'The a cappella style of vocals that sit on top of each other is like listening to a band whose main musical influences are the playground rhymes and infant school rounds rather than actual songs.'
    A slice of bread.
    1. 'Frightened, they ran away but returned shortly after to the soldier with a loaf of rye bread and a round of white bread.'
    2. 'Refuelling at lunchtime consisted of rounds of scrumptious sandwiches and cake, with tea and coffee on tap.'
    3. 'Kait and Pete had another round of sandwiches.'
    The amount of ammunition needed to fire one shot.
    1. 'You can even attempt to subdue a suspect by flashing your badge or firing a couple of rounds into the air in hopes of scaring the sucker into compliance.'
    2. 'His father fired a few rounds into the plastic dummy.'
    3. 'Insurgents spotted the jam and launched three mortar rounds.'
    4. 'The 8th Air Force had fired 99 million rounds of ammunition during these flights and it is thought that 20,000 German planes were destroyed.'
    5. 'From a distance of about six feet, he aims the shotgun at Danny's side and fires off a round.'
    6. 'All the men were dressed in fatigues, and carried side arms and carried a number of rounds for the side arms as well as the rifles that they carried.'
    7. 'In the initial 30 seconds I would say that a hundred rounds were fired at the crowd.'
    8. 'Then, suddenly, there is a different sound - the gut-churning crack of live rounds being fired.'
    9. 'Julie raised her gun and fired off a few rounds at the men above.'
    10. 'What impresses them is if I go out to my balcony in the middle of the night and fire off three rounds from my rifle.'
    11. 'She did a whole round of arrows, perfect shots every single time - straight to the bull's eye.'


    1. having a flat, circular surface, as a disk.

    2. ring-shaped, as a hoop.

    3. curved like part of a circle, as an outline.

    4. having a circular cross section, as a cylinder; cylindrical.

    5. spherical or globular, as a ball.

    6. shaped more or less like a part of a sphere; hemispherical.

    7. free from angularity; consisting of full, curved lines or shapes, as handwriting or parts of the body.

    8. executed with or involving circular motion. 9. full, complete, or

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    "people can be round at people."

    "people can be round to things."

    "people can be round in circles."

    "people can be round in/at/on ways."

    "people can be round in/at/on nights."

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