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A party against whom a petition is filed, especially one in an appeal or a divorce case.
  1. 'Very well, and these other affidavits, I take it, are affidavits filed by the respondent.'
  2. 'Whether the respondents cross petition against the petitioners was demurrable and should be struck out.'
A person who replies to something, especially one supplying information for a questionnaire or responding to an advertisement.
  1. 'Among the questions, respondents were asked to name their top three business role models.'
  2. 'With the information thereby obtained, a main respondent was designated, who then completed a household questionnaire.'
  3. 'The respondents requested information on a number of occasions; this was not forwarded to them.'
  4. 'The first question asks the age at which respondents believe old age begins.'
  5. 'At two years follow up we sent a postal questionnaire to those respondents who had been free of forearm pain at baseline.'
  6. 'Each respondent then dropped the questionnaire into the store's ballot box.'
  7. 'After you finish question 12, thank the respondent for their time and offer them the info sheet that explains more about this study.'
  8. 'Much remains to be learned about how respondents go about answering written questionnaires.'
  9. 'The questioning also includes queries about how prepared the respondent would be to pay extra in order to speed up improvements to the water network.'
  10. 'Each respondent answered three questions, of which only the last concerned Mars.'


In the position of a party defending against a petition.
  1. 'But if he is named as a respondent, he is a respondent party to the proceedings, is he not?'
  2. 'It is the respondent mother's position that she was coerced into accepting the revised support.'
  3. 'Now, of course, none of the respondent defendants were parties to that action.'
Replying to something.
  1. 'The unequal sample sizes in the four respondent groups were noted.'
  2. 'Thus the actual levels of perceived social support cannot be discriminated by respondent category.'
  3. 'The most disturbing respondent narrative came from a female runner.'
Involving or denoting a response, especially a conditioned reflex, to a specific stimulus.
  1. 'Suppose a student cannot correctly state the distinction between operant and respondent behavior but can shape the lever press.'
  2. 'The results demonstrated that the sociality of a situation potentiates respondent laughter.'


1. a person who responds or makes reply.

2. Law. a defendant, especially in appellate and divorce proceedings. adjective

3. giving a response; answering; responsive.

4. Law. being a respondent.

5. Psychology. of or relating to behavior that occurs consistently in response to a particular stimulus.

6. Obsolete. corresponding.

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"airports can be respondent."

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"seeks can be respondent."

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Early 16th century (in respondent (sense 2 of the noun)): from Latin respondent- ‘answering, offering in return’, from the verb respondere (see respond).