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Belonging or relating separately to each of two or more people or things.
  1. 'Maybe the respective disciplines have differing aims anyway and can't be synthesised?'
  2. 'We discuss the news and agree to keep in touch by telephone and then disperse to our respective apartments.'
  3. 'Both were child prodigies in chess, quickly rising to their respective nations' top slots.'
  4. 'Reviews suggest that they're good, but not the best in their respective series.'
  5. 'The paths that landed the two men in their respective positions are markedly different.'
  6. 'Moreover, all of them finished in the top dozen of their respective events.'
  7. 'These developments have met with a mixed reaction in the respective countries.'
  8. 'In fact the two cousins have gone very separate routes in amassing their respective fortunes.'
  9. 'I called my sister and mom to make sure that everyone was safe in their respective homes.'
  10. 'We were sent papers independently to read in advance, to come to a meeting for us to share our respective views.'


1. pertaining individually or severally to each of a number of persons, things, etc.; particular: I will now discuss the respective merits of the candidates.

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"countries can be respective."

"companies can be respective."

"positions can be respective."

"markets can be respective."

"governments can be respective."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘relative, comparative’): from medieval Latin respectivus, from respect- ‘regarded, considered’, from the verb respicere (see respect), reinforced by French respectif, -ive.