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Regarded by society to be good, proper, or correct.
  1. 'If we don't teach our children these values, how can we honestly expect them to become valuable and respectable members of society?'
  2. 'You refuse to change to become like the rest of respectable society.'
  3. 'And what makes it all the more bizarre is that this dark indictment of a racist and neurotic world was written by a respectable lady who was probably a pillar of that very society.'
  4. 'They have all risen to the challenge, holding respectable positions in society, all sharing a common purpose of giving something back to their community.'
  5. 'For them, it is a day to celebrate, to rejoice and to ask for basic rights of inclusion into the mainstream society as any other respectable citizen of the country.'
  6. 'Lou spent much of her life in the company of men from respectable society, but she could never be a part of that society herself.'
  7. 'From the day that the crime was committed to the point of the sentencing and beyond, I began to make many changes into changing myself into a more respectable member of our society.'
  8. 'They were taught, controlled and obtained the best instruction which would make them respectable members of society.'
  9. 'Science fiction is not regarded as a respectable genre, he agrees.'
  10. 'If, after three months, you haven't learned to act like a respectable young lady you will remain in New York at that disciplinary school.'
  11. 'a perfectly respectable pair of pyjamas'
  12. 'I'd have just enough time to get to the hotel, clean up, change into presentable, respectable clothes, and make my way to the bookstore.'
  13. 'He is an old man, in his late-fifties, early sixties, hair a lustrous white, dressed in a respectable suit.'
  14. 'For while they may appear every inch the middle-class professional, there is a growing chance a surprising secret lurks beneath the respectable clothing.'
  15. 'They have generally marginalised less respectable behaviour, finding it difficult to acknowledge or convenient to overlook.'
  16. 'The real needs of society are not really that great - just some food and some respectable clothing.'
  17. 'If the family is not present you may employ a stranger as long as they are respectable in demeanor and appearance.'
  18. 'Even with her respectable outfit and beautiful girl on her arm, it felt awkward.'
  19. 'Adorn yourself with clean and respectable clothes.'
Of some merit or importance.
  1. 'Of course, it would be too much for a single nominalist to provide an acceptable version of each respectable scientific theory.'
  2. 'He had a good competition and placed a respectable fifth against established gymnasts.'
  3. 'That is an old established and plainly respectable principle.'
  4. 'Keep in mind, your problem is a recognized diagnostic condition among all respectable physicians.'
  5. 'Baby and small lobsters fall prey to predators of their own element; but those which reach a respectable size are able to defend themselves very well.'
  6. 'By 1891 the desertion rate had fallen to a more respectable 6.2 percent.'
  7. 'I didn't load on the make-up, but I had a respectable amount on.'
  8. 'Sprigs of table coral have become established on the wreckage, some now a respectable size.'
  9. 'Last year, she reported a very respectable 10-percent increase over that.'
  10. 'The rest of the crew got the hint from her glare and piled a respectable amount on their plates.'
  11. 'As a result, Irish beef exports to the UK increased by a very respectable 11 per cent.'
  12. 'The restaurant is very unassuming from the outside and appears to be quite small, but in fact, the main dining area opens up beyond the well stocked central bar and is a very respectable size.'
  13. 'Her CD sales were respectable, but never amounted to the blockbuster numbers her label and industry types projected.'
  14. 'In front of her was a fish tank modified to carry a respectable amount of lizards.'

More definitions

1. worthy of respect or esteem; estimable; worthy: a respectable citizen.

2. of good social standing, reputation, etc.: a respectable neighborhood.

3. suitable or good enough to be seen or used: respectable clothes; respectable language.

4. of moderate excellence; fairly good; fair: a respectable performance.

5. appreciable in size, number, or amount: a respectable turnout.

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"results can be respectable after dates."

"yields can be respectable with outlooks."

"properties can be respectable on shores."

"people can be respectable in eyes."

"performances can be respectable for cars."

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