Adjective "Resonant" Definition and Examples




    1. resounding or echoing, as sounds: the resonant thundering of cannons being fired.

    2. deep and full of resonance: a resonant voice.

    3. pertaining to resonance.

    4. producing resonance; causing amplification or sustention of sound.

    5. pertaining to a system in a state of resonance, especially with respect to sound. noun

    6. Phonetics. a vowel or a voiced consonant or semivowel that is neither a stop nor an affricate, as, in English, (m, ng, n, l, r, y, w).


    "people can be resonant in lives."

    "outlines can be resonant of people."

    "issues can be resonant of conceptions."

    "frequencies can be resonant with cavities."

    "accents can be resonant with rhythms."

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