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Free from tension and anxiety.
  1. 'the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel'
  2. 'So you've got the great food, you've got the friendly service, you've got the relaxed atmosphere and toe-tapping music.'
  3. 'The atmosphere was throughout relaxed and benign.'
  4. 'Refreshments were provided and enjoyed by all in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.'
  5. 'I found it to be a relaxed atmosphere, where I could converse with friends over a quiet drink.'
  6. 'In this relaxed atmosphere dancers can shop around by hanging out at open doorways and observing dancers and teachers in action.'
  7. 'There was a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with no trouble and there were even signs up advising punters to order taxis at the beginning of the evening, complete with a list of numbers.'
  8. 'The comparatively open spaces made for a relaxed atmosphere as a very laid-back audience stretched out in the warm weather to enjoy the sounds wafting over from the main stage.'
  9. 'And check it out you should - it's a pleasant, neighbourhoody spot, with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere.'
  10. 'These two rules make the atmosphere more relaxed and friendly.'
  11. 'It's a credit to Byrne's skill as a performer, that he's casually able to generate such a relaxed atmosphere.'
  12. 'I could feel Mia's relaxed body beneath my arm, already asleep, but Christine and Eric took longer.'
  13. 'Music therapy contributes to reduced anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate and to relaxed muscle tension.'
  14. 'Mr. Marshall sighed, trying to spread a more relaxed feeling out into the tense air between them.'
  15. 'It is the consequence of an untroubled mind in a relaxed body - a body free from undue tension.'
  16. 'Of course, the first prerequisite is to have a flexible and relaxed body.'
  17. 'The relaxed muscles allow them to empty the bladder this way.'
  18. 'Continue to gently exhale through your mouth, allowing a sense of quiet to take over your relaxed body.'
  19. 'The body is a harpsichord, and when its strings are too relaxed, or too tense, the man is sick.'
  20. 'He picked up and his relaxed mood soon tensed, urgency in his voice as he nodded.'
  21. 'He made a relaxed body motion, and took a step towards the mustang.'


1. being free of or relieved from tension or anxiety: in a relaxed mood.

2. not strict; easy; informal: the relaxed rules of the club.

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"people can be relaxed about things."

"people can be relaxed about reports."

"iranians can be relaxed about situations."

"tips can be relaxed about futures."

"people can be relaxed in runnings."

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