Adjective "Red-hot" Definition and Examples





    1. red with heat; very hot.

    2. creating much excitement, demand, or discussion: The new toy robot is a red-hot item this Christmas.

    3. violent; furious: red-hot anger.

    4. characterized by intense excitement, enthusiasm, or passion.

    5. very fresh or new; most recent: red-hot tips on the stock market. noun

    6. a person who has great fervor or intensity, as for a goal or cause.

    7. Informal. a hot dog.

    8. a small cinnamon-flavored candy.


    "shares can be red-hot on dates."

    "phones can be red-hot at places."

    "people can be red-hot with homers."

    "people can be red-hot in quarters."

    "markets can be red-hot."

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