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Relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.
  1. 'You can bet that socializing is the reason most people take part in group recreational activities.'
  2. 'The occupants have started indulging in some social and recreational activities.'
  3. 'Visitors are also given information on recreational activities in the area.'
  4. 'Mr Barry said that up to 10 acres would be set aside for recreational purposes.'
  5. 'It would be used for seven days and four evenings a week, mainly for recreational and educational purposes.'
  6. 'Some children have spent all their primary school lives in prefabs with no recreational facilities.'
  7. 'Apart from the inadequacy of the building the school yard is much too small for recreational purposes.'
  8. 'What do you think about the open space, sports and recreational facilities available in the Chelmsford borough?'
  9. 'The Romans had a special fondness for mineral spas, visiting them for medicinal and recreational purposes.'
  10. 'The covenant requires the land be used principally for cultural and recreational activities.'
  11. 'recreational drug use'
  12. 'Why not legalise cannabis (for recreational use) and tax it to the same extent as tobacco?'
  13. 'If people, of their own free will, choose to take dangerous drugs for recreational reasons that is regrettable.'
  14. 'For as far back as David can remember, his mother used drugs on a recreational basis.'
  15. 'The consumption of recreational drugs has reached epidemic proportions.'
  16. 'It's particularly aimed at users of recreational drugs like cannabis, speed and ecstasy.'
  17. 'It is one of the drugs of choice among recreational users in pubs and clubs as well as among problem drug-users.'
  18. 'Perhaps it is like that for rock stars, but it's pretty rare that it's like that for your average recreational drug user.'
  19. 'A new study suggests younger men are using the drug for recreational purposes.'
  20. 'I am completely sober and not on any drugs, medical or recreational.'
  21. 'The results shocked many and were seized on by the lay press in their campaigns against recreational drugs.'


1. of or relating to recreation :

2. (of a drug or medication) used for recreation and enjoyment rather

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"vehicles can be recreational."

"facilities can be recreational."

"activities can be recreational."

"uses can be recreational."

"purposes can be recreational."

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