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The action or process of reconstructing or being reconstructed.
  1. 'Yet the slow process of reconstruction, following the ravages of a diamond-fuelled civil war, continues.'
  2. 'The reconstruction of Rousse railway station is to cost nine million leva.'
  3. 'There should also be an appraisal of Britain's role in the post-war, reconstruction process.'
  4. 'The process of reconstruction was so immense that all countries struggled to cope.'
  5. 'It was astonishing to hear how the process of reconstruction had already begun by the morning after the attacks.'
  6. 'The worst hit areas are now engaged in the biggest post-catastrophe reconstruction programme since the Second World War.'
  7. 'To this must be added the cost of the ongoing, even if limited, process of reconstruction.'
  8. 'Plans for how the civil administration of the country would work were vague, as were those for its economic reconstruction.'
  9. 'Women were indispensable in this many-sided economic and social reconstruction.'
  10. 'The same drive is apparent in the process of reconstruction.'
  11. 'comparison between the original and the reconstruction'
  12. 'The reconstruction of one of the buildings gives an impression of how they may have looked.'
  13. 'It has a reconstruction of a prison cell, a 1930s pub and a 1940s kitchen, plus a lot of videos, sounds and smells.'
  14. 'It is a reconstruction of the original building, as far as it was known from sketches of the period.'
  15. 'The present Guildhall is a reconstruction necessitated by damage to the original during the Second World War.'
  16. 'The next gallery consisted of a reconstruction of the painting studio on the ground floor of the Yellow House.'
  17. 'Only a few fragments of the original statue survive, and the present hall and central Buddha are reconstructions from the Edo period.'
  18. 'A reconstruction of the events leading up to his fatal skydive will also feature on this month's programme.'
  19. 'This is inevitable, and a reader may be ill at ease at the scarcity of evidence that underlies many of these reconstructions.'
  20. 'Police last night staged a reconstruction of the events leading to the bomb blast exactly one week after it happened.'
  21. 'At a reconstruction of the events, the policeman who fired was unable to explain why the shots had gone off.'
  22. 'Despite the popularity of true-life reconstructions, the dramatisation of actual events and real people is often controversial.'
  23. 'What follows is a brief account of my experiences and a reconstruction of some events from discussions with the victims.'
  24. 'This is a small show that is chilling in its reconstruction of events, and shows just how close the Nazis came to having an atomic weapon.'
  25. 'He claimed that he'd invented a method of recovering sound waves from the past and converting them into visual and acoustic reconstructions of history.'
  26. 'Police scrambled the force helicopter and even took the unusual step of staging a reconstruction of his last known movements.'
  27. 'The English Civil War Society will be staging a reconstruction of a skirmish that took place in Marlborough during the Civil War.'
  28. 'Days after the murder, police staged a reconstruction of events and appealed for sightings of the white Nissan Sunny getaway car.'
The period 1865–77 following the American Civil War, during which the southern states of the Confederacy were controlled by federal government and social legislation, including the granting of new rights to black people, was introduced.

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    1. an act of reconstructing.

    2. (initial capital letter) U.S. History. the process by which the states that had seceded were reorganized as part of the Union after the Civil War. the period during which this took place, 1865–7

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    "programmes can be reconstruction."

    "governments can be reconstruction."