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The restoration of friendly relations.
  1. count noun 'the earl was seeking a reconciliation with his wife'
  2. 'The visit, the latest surprise by the maverick prelate, could lead to a last-minute personal reconciliation with the Vatican.'
  3. 'Officials seem to believe that once the refugees have gone home reconciliation has been completed.'
  4. 'The scholastics developed the theological base for this form of private reconciliation.'
  5. 'It is not uncommon for strategists of reconciliation to mobilise the notion of sharing.'
  6. 'Chen said the summit's message was that reconciliation must be on the basis of goodwill on both sides.'
  7. 'I find it hard to phantom him being opposed to the idea of national reconciliation.'
  8. 'We expect Japan will have a reciprocal attitude toward Roh's forward-looking gestures for reconciliation.'
  9. 'I considered it about the right time to bring about a proper reconciliation.'
  10. 'I urged them to work together for reconciliation.'
  11. 'Practical reconciliation has become the accepted Aboriginal policy.'
The action of making one view or belief compatible with another.
  1. 'The process of reconciliation of the high-tech vs. low-tech paradox was spectacularly demonstrated by a New York Times report about the Al Qaeda's regrouping efforts using the Internet.'
The action of making financial accounts consistent; harmonization.
  1. 'Around February 28, 2000, Mr. Vucenovic delivered an expense and realty tax reconciliation statement for the year 1999 to the tenants.'
  2. 'Fennell also referred to the council's bank overdraft position as was stated in annexure B of its bank reconciliation report on April 30.'

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1. an act of reconciling, as when former enemies agree to an amicable truce.

2. the state of being reconciled, as when someone becomes resigned to something not desired.

3. the process of making consistent or compatible.

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"processes can be reconciliation."

"commissions can be reconciliation."

"conferences can be reconciliation."

"talks can be reconciliation."

"meetings can be reconciliation."

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