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Combine or cause to combine again or differently.
  1. with object 'decompose the calculation into components and recombine them to find the solution'
  2. 'When the gas is hot enough, the compound molecules break apart, and the atoms recombine with the oxygen to form water, carbon dioxide and other products.'
  3. 'By understanding patterns the architect is not doomed to repeat them; she will recombine and transcend them, and in the process create new patterns for those who come next.'
  4. 'The most flammable compounds contain carbon and hydrogen, which recombine with oxygen relatively easily to form carbon dioxide, water and other gases.'
  5. 'Events and ideas combine and recombine in ever new and unpredictable patterns of individual and collective action.'
  6. 'Fisher emphasizes that consumers now can manipulate music, recombine different pieces, or even combine downloaded music with their own material.'
  7. 'When I die those atoms will carry on combining and recombining, and I may find myself part of a pencil, a penguin, a nurse or a nebula.'
  8. 'In that case two flu strains - perhaps one human and one avian or swine flu - are recombined in a single host animal and the resulting new strain is completely novel, completely unknown to our immune systems.'
  9. 'It is also historical materialism, which far predated postmodernism in understanding that human affairs were matters of cutting, pasting, and recombining.'
  10. 'As companies expand and penetrate lucrative new markets, they combine and recombine.'
  11. 'To express these old elements in a modern way, he blends, cuts and recombines them in a creative way, exhibiting throughout his passion for, and pride in, the traditional culture.'

More definitions

1. to bring into or join in a close union or whole; unite: She combined the ingredients to make the cake. They combined the two companies.

2. to possess or exhibit in union: a plan that combines the best features of several other plans.

3. to harvest (grain) with a combine. verb (used without object), combined, combining.

4. to unite; coalesce: The clay combined with the water to form a thick paste.

5. to unite for a common purpose;

More examples(as adjective)

"ministries can be recombined."