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Remember (something); call to mind.
  1. '‘Can you recollect how he reacted?’'
  2. 'They recollected the pleasures of motherhood during the time of obligatory ‘full’ employment.'
  3. 'Laura tired to recollect the past week in her mind.'
  4. 'He recalled being Melanie's favourite brother when she felt sad, and he recollected the fragrant smell of his mother's home cooking.'
  5. 'She has told the tribunal she recollects the meeting and recalls that most of her Cabinet colleagues were there.'
  6. 'She remained in the position for quite some time as she struggled to recollect her bearings.'
  7. 'She discovered that it was possible to wake up weeping, crushed by grief even before her conscious mind could recollect the source of the pain.'
  8. 'He racked his mind to recollect the whole conversation - then he got it.'
  9. 'Krishnan fondly recollects the days when the station was busy, before the Salem Junction took away half its work; a time when trains ran from this station to Egmore, Nagarpatnam and Thiruvarur, among other places.'
  10. 'Hollywood has never been short of super-patriots, though it is worth recollecting that some of them never fought in a real war.'
  11. 'Old-timers recollect long rows of bullock carts transporting goods from the warehouses at the Vallakkadavu dockyard.'


Bring oneself back to a state of composure.
  1. 'I went limp before quickly recollecting myself.'
  2. 'He went to the window and looked out, striving to recollect himself.'
  3. 'Dr. Kin recollected himself and then spoke again.'
  4. 'He came to an abrupt halt, then recollected himself quickly.'
  5. 'I felt his familiar arms wrap around me and rub my back as I tried to recollect myself.'
  6. '‘I didn't break up with her for that, I broke up with her because…’ he recollected himself, ‘because she's in love with him.’'
  7. 'Josh was surprised and just sat there for a moment before recollecting himself.'
  8. 'Darren was suddenly aware that everyone was watching them and tried to recollect himself.'
  9. 'We were again left in silence, but I did not mind so much as I would have at any other time, as it gave me ample time to recollect myself.'
  10. 'She had needed to take a break from her tale for a moment to recollect herself, and bring her mind back to reality for a moment.'
Collect or gather together again.

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    1. calm; composed.

    2. remembered; recalled.

    3. characterized by or given to contemplation.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "memories can be recollected."

    "pleasures can be recollected."

    "pains can be recollected."

    "gems can be recollected."


    Early 17th century: later form of recollect, from re- ‘once more’ + the verb collect.