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Assign to a different class or category.
  1. 'But reclassifying fast food workers as manufacturing employees could have other advantages for the administration.'
  2. 'That leaves employers to begin reclassifying workers according to overtime rules that, unfortunately, aren't clear yet.'
  3. 'This year the Ministry of Health absolutely slashed hospital waiting lists by reclassifying patients, disguising the fact that thousands of people were waiting for important operations.'
  4. 'A further eight police forces showed some deterioration, but it was not bad enough for them to be reclassified.'
  5. 'Councillors also said the land was classed as industrial and would need to be reclassified as residential land for the application to go through.'
  6. 'The British government has now confused the issue even more, if such a thing is possible, by reclassifying cannabis from a Class B to a Class C substance, effectively decriminalising it.'
  7. 'The contract also reclassifies secretaries, library and teaching assistants in a higher pay grade.'
  8. 'The study provides enough alarming data to warrant emergency measures by State Governments to reclassify wetlands as protected areas.'
  9. 'Following a two-hour meeting with ministry officials, however, Giuseppi said it was agreed that stipulated categories of workers would be reclassified.'
  10. 'The unit houses 16 prisoners whose security status has been reclassified as the lowest (Category D) and who are allowed out to work in the community to prepare them for release.'
  11. 'She was never legally reclassified; her father fought tirelessly against it.'

More definitions

1. to classify anew.

2. to change the security classification of (information, a document, etc.).

More examples(as adjective)

"types can be reclassified."

"statements can be reclassified."

"bases can be reclassified."