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Retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid); obtain the return of.
  1. 'when Dennis emerged I reclaimed my room'
  2. 'She reclaimed her title of countess and turned the decaying ancestral family seat into a house for homeless children at Wilsickow north of Berlin.'
  3. 'The delegation found the prince but he did not want to return and reclaim the throne.'
  4. 'I spoke up now, before Jason could do it, reclaiming some of my lost authority.'
  5. 'Gomez insists reclaiming his title is only a stepping stone to bigger things.'
  6. 'Anything other than a home win is unthinkable if United are to stand a chance of reclaiming their title.'
  7. 'In 1991, Noah captained France to the Davis Cup title, reclaiming the trophy after 59 years.'
  8. 'Already, we've heard reports that Kurds have begun driving Arabs out of villages around Kirkuk, reclaiming their old lands.'
  9. 'Forging a reputation as a research scientist is hard enough; reclaiming a lost reputation is even harder.'
  10. 'Her novels feature plots in which peasants reclaim Irish land.'
  11. 'Partners often have their own successful careers that cannot be replicated abroad or positions that cannot be reclaimed on their return.'
  12. 'Candid about her own journey to reclaim God's woman within, she makes readers feel she walks with them as they journey toward inner peace and joy.'
  13. 'He is still heavily involved in Mahi Tahi, a Trust working to reclaim Maori prisoners by linking them to their racial traditions.'
  14. 'allow a week or ten days for reclaiming the bird'
Bring (waste land or land formerly under water) under cultivation.
  1. 'reclaimed land'
  2. 'Commons were enclosed, and waste land reclaimed, by landlords or squatters, with consequent extinction of common grazing rights.'
  3. 'If this is the case, then the new vegetation is at least partly the result of local farmers seizing the moment to reclaim the land.'
  4. 'In the area east of the Rock, Prince Rainier began a project twenty years ago to reclaim land from the sea by landfill and drainage.'
  5. 'This land was reclaimed from the sea about 2,000 years ago.'
  6. 'Later, parts of the land were reclaimed and lived on.'
  7. 'We were reminded by our historic guide of the contribution of the Mennonites who came to these lands and built the canal system to reclaim the land of the Vistula River Delta.'
  8. 'Building drains and embankments, he reclaimed large areas of land which then became productive farmland.'
  9. 'This is not to say that the Dutch have wasted their time reclaiming land across the centuries.'
  10. 'The Department of Agriculture pledged up to €100,000 to farmers to reclaim land, build farm buildings and replace dead livestock.'
  11. 'The land was reclaimed from the waters in the 1950s when flood defences were constructed.'
  12. 'The timber-framed two-storey building has a reclaimed slate roof, double-glazed windows and heavily insulated floors and ceiling.'
  13. 'If he and his team succeed in making products that dismantle themselves on demand, it will be possible to reuse valuable components and reclaim expensive or hazardous materials.'
  14. 'All of his original negatives were melted down to reclaim the silver.'
  15. 'Team members also urge affiliates to incorporate a concise plan for reclaiming and recycling leftover materials, minimizing the use of natural resources and reducing the impact on the land.'
  16. 'All open-beam construction and reclaimed factory wood, the house had been built from a kit in 1990.'
  17. 'David Craig, based in Durham, works with organic wood and reclaimed teak.'
  18. 'It is often cheaper, ecologically sounder and more energy-efficient to re-use reclaimed materials rather than manufacture products from new.'
  19. 'Composite plastic/wood products use reclaimed wood and plastic to make a durable exterior decking material.'


The action or process of reclaiming or being reclaimed.
  1. 'Through this massive process of reclaim, they have effectively (as Kenneth pointed out in his case) stifled all criticism of the company on the Internet.'

More definitions

1. to bring (uncultivated areas or wasteland) into a condition for cultivation or other use.

2. to recover (substances) in a pure or usable form from refuse, discarded articles, etc.

3. to bring back to a preferable manner of living, sound principles, ideas, etc.

4. to tame.

5. re-claim. verb (used without object)

6. to protest; object. noun

7. reclamation: beyond reclaim.

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be reclaim."

"funds can be reclaim."


Middle English (used in falconry in the sense ‘recall’): from Old French reclamer, from Latin reclamare ‘cry out against’, from re- ‘back’ + clamare ‘to shout’.