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Relating to an economic recession.
  1. 'This trend was due to lower outflows on services and other incomes earned because of the recessional conditions of the domestic economy, including the export sector.'
  2. 'Because it has diversified from gaming and tourism, Las Vegas is no longer immune to U.S. recessional trends, he said.'
Relating to or denoting motion away from the observer.
  1. 'So, in a nutshell, if a galaxy's peculiar velocity is toward us and larger than its Hubble recessional velocity, then its light will appear blueshifted.'
  2. 'Over three decades of such trials they have shown that the recessional speed of the Moon is about an inch and a half per year.'
(of a moraine or other deposit) left during a pause in the retreat of a glacier or ice sheet.
  1. 'Thus beaches are correlated with recessional moraines, and the beach elevation remains the same until the ice barrier retreats to a position where a new lake outlet is exposed.'


A hymn sung while the clergy and choir process out of church at the end of a service.
  1. 'Either of these two pieces could also be used immediately after the wedding recessional, while guests leave the Church.'
  2. 'Gail Smith, who has been active in church music, has assembled a useful group of pieces suitable for church or Sunday school preludes, offertories or recessionals.'


1. of or relating to a recession of the clergy and choir after the service.

2. of or relating to a recess, as of a legislative body. noun

3. a hymn or other piece of music played at the end of a service while the congregation is filing out.

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"times can be recessional."

"hymns can be recessional."

"grands can be recessional."

"depths can be recessional."

"climates can be recessional."

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