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A small space created by building part of a wall further back from the rest.
  1. 'The bed mechanisms can also be built into recesses framed into a wall.'
  2. 'This recess in a dining room wall - furnished with a comfy cushion and colorful throw pillows - serves as a cozy spot to sit and read.'
  3. 'In the dark recesses of the stone walls, they found old toys and junk collected by the old woman while she lived here, but they also found older furniture and antiques that had obviously been here for some time.'
  4. 'Alcoves - small recesses opening off a room or hallway - add character and extra functionality to a home.'
  5. 'The library has shelves built into the inner recesses of the walls to house the king's collection of books.'
  6. 'In addition, lifesize models of raggedly clothed families huddle enclosed behind glass in darkened recesses in the walls.'
  7. 'Santiago quickly turned my attention to a recess in the wall to the right side of the doors.'
  8. 'In each of the four walls there is a recess, although only that to the west survives in anything like its original state.'
  9. 'They provide a luminescent quality to the interior, reflecting light into the recesses of the room.'
  10. 'With its metal projections and angles, wooden recesses and thin walls it has a serendipitous quality.'
  11. 'the concrete block has a recess in its base'
  12. 'It is as smooth as the outside, and the only machining marks I can find are deep in the recess around the base pin hole.'
  13. 'You don't want to drill into the recoil lug recess.'
  14. 'Place the hinge leaf in the mortise and position the self-centering tool in the countersink recesses of the hinge.'
  15. 'This bar went into the slots or recesses on the first plate.'
  16. 'the recesses of the silent pine forest'
  17. 'What we know in the secret recesses of our hearts is that the story of scarcity is a tale of death.'
  18. 'Then one night, 14 months after I moved to Jerusalem, I had a dream where, in the recesses of my subconscious mind, I put to rest this last remaining issue.'
  19. 'He was on the verge of voicing the rest of the questions he had stored in the recesses of his mind when the sudden approach of footsteps drew both their attentions to the doorway opposite the one to the garden.'
  20. 'There are all kinds of heroes, working silently in remote recesses of our country.'
  21. 'From deep within the recesses of his brain, Joel attempts to escape the procedure.'
  22. 'Many things have changed since then; sadly, the cultural shift has not penetrated into the darkest recesses of some areas of employment.'
  23. 'She advises her clients to revisit their histories and face experiences and feelings that they have blocked in the recesses of their minds.'
  24. 'It saves us from peering into the darkest recesses of our own hearts.'
  25. 'Maybe in that deep, dark recess of my soul, I just want to be able to dream again.'
  26. 'Some actors are born to play the hero and others exist to illuminate the darker recesses of the human soul.'
A period of time when the proceedings of a parliament, committee, court of law, or other official body are temporarily suspended.
  1. 'Parliament was in recess'
  2. 'That difference led to the latest round of talks breaking for a recess.'
  3. 'The industrial action is scheduled to be held a day before the House of Commons and the House of Lords break for the summer recess.'
  4. 'I wish to conclude by also paying my respects to the memory of the two other former senior members of Parliament who passed away while the House was in recess.'
  5. 'Parliament resumed on February 12 after a recess of four months and the re-election of the Liberal-National Coalition to a third term in office.'
  6. 'While the court was in recess Jon walked over to our family.'
  7. 'It starts in August when Parliament, like football, is in recess, the law courts go to sleep and a lot of us are on holiday.'
  8. 'His lawyer, John D. Mills, asked the court for a brief recess.'
  9. 'Parliament is currently in recess, but resumes next Tuesday.'
  10. 'The 20-minute meeting took place shortly after the six-party talks decided to break for a recess.'
  11. 'The Senate completed work on three bills before the recess.'
  12. 'At that same moment the class bell rang and recess was over.'
  13. 'Additionally, during physical education classes and recess, children actually spend very little time engaged in physical activity.'
  14. 'Fights broke out daily - not just during recess or bathroom breaks but also in the middle of lessons.'
  15. 'Current studies challenge the idea that limiting recess will benefit children's academic performance, however.'
  16. 'School-aged children are told that they have to refrain from gym class and recess for three weeks postoperatively.'
  17. 'The bell went, ending recess and starting class.'
  18. 'Ask any elementary-school teacher what would happen if he were to let his entire fifth-grade class out for recess unattended.'
  19. 'He tells her to hold out her hand, and he hits it several times, then makes her stand in front of the class until recess.'
  20. 'They gave up several recesses over the next few weeks to glue, color and do whatever was necessary to complete the mural.'
  21. 'Students, faculty and staff should be encouraged or required to wear hats when outdoors during physical education classes, recess and field trips.'


Attach (a fitment) by setting it back into the wall or surface to which it is fixed.
  1. 'This type of lighting is usually provided by ceiling fixtures, which can be recessed.'
  2. 'A well placed light fixture recessed in the wall illuminated the area perfectly.'
  3. 'There is recessed spot lighting in the room, the walls of which are partly tiled.'
  4. 'The guest bedroom with a deep, recessed window to the front also benefits from en suite facilities and a fitted wardrobe.'
  5. 'Additional features include recessed ceiling lighting and a bay window with a built-in sitting area.'
  6. 'Double sliding doors between the drawing room and dining room have been recessed into the dividing wall.'
  7. 'Its en suite bathroom has recessed lighting, a timber floor and white tiled walls.'
  8. 'The group huddled around a small table with keyboards and screens recessed in the top.'
  9. 'She chose a set that was relatively inexpensive, but told him that she had chosen it because the diamonds were small and deeply recessed into white gold bands that seemed a close match to his own.'
  10. 'The room also has part-tiled walls and recessed ceiling lighting.'
  11. 'I have seen one nuclear blast shelter, at the bottom of a very steep escalator in a Pyongyang subway station, where three gigantic blast doors, each about two feet thick, are recessed into the wall.'
(of formal proceedings) be temporarily suspended.
  1. 'At 9.20 am the court recessed to await the doctor's arrival.'
  2. 'Philippine government chief negotiator Jesus Dureza said talks, which will recess for two days, could last until Aug.3.'
  3. 'The fourth round of talks recessed in Beijing earlier this month.'
  4. 'California's Legislature is due to recess its two-year session Aug.31.'
  5. 'The six-party talks have been recessed and are scheduled to restart next week.'
  6. 'He filed an Affidavit sworn by him on July 6, 2001, while the Court was recessed for the summer vacation.'
  7. 'The tournament was recessed so everyone could rest and eat.'
  8. 'Parliament recessed for the summer on Tuesday'
  9. 'On Friday, the House of Representatives recessed until September with the debate over those lower-income families still unresolved.'
  10. 'To mark the occasion, President Washington made a ceremonial visit to Newport when Congress recessed in August.'
  11. 'And the sooner this grand jury recesses the sooner she can get home.'
  12. 'As you know, Congress is about to recess for the Thanksgiving break.'
  13. 'He would bring him to his office after the Senate recessed and ply him with drinks until the inebriated Kentuckian would agree to anything Johnson wanted.'
  14. 'That legislation lapses Nov. 19, and Congress recessed before the House could consider a Senate bill to extend the rules.'
  15. 'To be sure, the D.C. initiative remained on the table as Congress recessed for Thanksgiving.'
  16. 'They'll probably recess early, and then will begin deliberations on Thursday.'
  17. 'Congress was scheduled to recess this weekend to allow members to return home for the final weeks before the general election November 2.'
  18. 'By the time legislature recessed in late March, more than 150 bills had been filed and countless efforts made to close access to government by amending other bills.'

More definitions

1. temporary withdrawal or cessation from the usual work or activity.

2. a period of such withdrawal.

3. a receding part or space, as a bay or alcove in a room.

4. an indentation in a line or extent of coast, hills, forest, etc.

5. recesses, a secluded or inner area or part: in the recesses of the palace. verb (used with object)

6. to place or set in a recess.

7. to set or form as or like a recess; make a recess or recesses in: to recess a wall.

8. to suspend or defer for a rec

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"doorways can be recessed."

"windows can be recessed."

"lights can be recessed."

"ceiling lights can be recessed."

"types can be recessed."

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(recess)Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘withdrawal, departure’): from Latin recessus, from recedere ‘go back’ (see recede). The verb dates from the early 19th century.