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Having happened, begun, or been done not long ago; belonging to a past period comparatively close to the present.
  1. 'a recent edition of the newspaper'
  2. 'One recent case was of an elderly woman in York who had a man knock on her door claiming to be a builder.'
  3. 'There is no doubt that recent months have been very bruising for many in the party.'
  4. 'The real agony for home fans lies in the fact that they have seen it happen so often in the recent past.'
  5. 'What is far from clear, given this recent case, is whether it can do any good at all.'
  6. 'In the wake of the food scares of recent years the organic message is hitting home.'
  7. 'The idea is to help pupils continue the steady progress they have made in recent years.'
  8. 'My research in recent years has begun to come up with some of the answers for this.'
  9. 'It is a depressing picture for a city which has striven to improve its image in recent years.'
  10. 'It is worth noting that they have gone up several percentage points in recent polls.'
  11. 'I am sure that many of your readers are aware of the recent boom in local and family history.'
  1. 'Diversity patterns in Recent and fossil tropical American mollusks have been the focus of considerable debate.'
  2. 'They are known from Recent fossils and probably survived until the arrival of Europeans.'
  3. 'The evolution of the canid and felid brain was studied through examination of fossil and Recent cranial endocasts.'


The Holocene epoch.


    1. of late occurrence, appearance, or origin; lately happening, done, made, etc.: recent events; a recent trip.

    2. not long past: in recent years.

    3. of or belonging to a time not long past.

    4. (initial capital letter) Geology. noting or pertaining to the present epoch, originating at the end of the glacial period, about 10,000 years ago, and forming the latter half of the Quaternary Period; Holocene. noun

    5. Also called Holocene. (initial capital letter) Geology. the Re

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    "visits can be recents."

    "statements can be recents."

    "signallings can be recents."

    "months can be recents."

    "gains can be recents."

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    (recent)Late Middle English (in the sense ‘fresh’): from Latin recens, recent- or French récent.