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Making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise.
  1. 'They ended their set by standing on their amps and jumped off them while playing one loud raucous power chord.'
  2. 'Before entering, however, he was drawn to a nearby building by the sound of loud, raucous voices.'
  3. 'It stopped dead in the middle of the road with a raucous screech of the brakes.'
  4. 'The wildness of the charge sent shock waves through a non-violent, if raucous protest culture.'
  5. 'Occasionally, I can hear a car drive past or the raucous squawk of a seagull in search of a discarded fish supper.'
  6. 'However, we were met with a raucous noise purporting to be music, and fairground stalls.'
  7. 'He was unprepared for the loud cheers from a raucous crowd that greeted him when he exited the restroom.'
  8. 'James had a loud, raucous laugh and a terrific sense of humour.'
  9. 'Wash shoved through the doors and into a dim lighting and raucous noise of the saloon.'
  10. 'Nothing startling, then, just a solid album for those who like their female vocalists neither too poppy nor raw and raucous.'


1. harsh; strident; grating: raucous voices; raucous laughter.

2. rowdy; disorderly: a raucous party.

More examples(as adjective)

"loutses can be raucous on beers."

"jokes can be raucous as guys."

"birds can be raucous in searches."

"laughters can be raucous."

"crowds can be raucous."

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Mid 18th century: from Latin raucus ‘hoarse’ + -ous.