Adjective "quirkiest" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Having or characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits or aspects.
  1. 'He drew inspiration from unexpected things like dried leaves or quirky antique books.'
  2. 'There cannot be a better city in the world for fans of the quirky, or a more exciting city in which to just wander the streets.'
  3. 'Now, however, I look forward to the same quirky humor and gothic sense of style with every new film he makes.'
  4. 'One of the most popular items that he makes is a quirky silver tea strainer, priced at £200.'
  5. 'Yes, the film is very quirky and offbeat, which means it'll probably be a commercial flop.'
  6. 'But we also need the quirky corners that make London different from everywhere else.'
  7. 'She was well known in the estate for her love of life and her quirky sayings.'
  8. 'For all its pretty pictures and quirky anecdotes, this is a soulless book.'
  9. 'The music often astonishes with its inventiveness, and the performances are vital and quirky.'
  10. 'The movie becomes a cross between a serious life drama and a quirky romantic comedy.'


1. having or full of quirks.

More examples(as adjective)

"movies can be quirkiest."

"conglomerates can be quirkiest."