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One pound sterling.
  1. 'However, the owner refused to pay me more than two quid an hour, and even I had standards.'
  2. 'Save yourself a couple of quid a week by reading them online instead.'
  3. 'I was twenty four at the time, and I hadn't yet paid back a single penny of the three thousand quid he lent me to buy my first car.'
  4. 'Many banks will let you open a high-interest savings account with just a quid.'
  5. 'I said that a customer is somebody who pays for goods or services, and if he wanted any more input from me it would cost him five quid a word.'
  6. 'But small amounts - a couple of quid here, a few pence there - can add up quite quickly.'
  7. 'Well done everyone, it was the best five quid I have spent in a long time.'
  8. 'If you've ever wondered why a small tub of hummus costs around a quid you should try making it yourself.'
  9. 'He was fined seventy quid and given fifty pounds costs against him.'
  10. 'Watch this space to see how the three hundred and fifty pound camera compares with the thirty quid webcam.'


A lump of tobacco for chewing.
  1. 'Almost all habitual chewers use tobacco with or without the betel quid.'

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1. a portion of something, especially tobacco, that is to be chewed but not swallowed.

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"quos can be quid."

"swaps can be quid."

"senserints can be quid."

"juices can be quid."

"contracts can be quid."

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(quid)Early 18th century: variant of cud.


make a (quick) quid
not the full quid
quids in