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Unhesitating and rapid; in quick succession.
  1. 'Then a quick-fire brace from Kevin Smith, who claimed goals in the 49th and 50th minute, turned the game on its head.'
  2. 'And his fears grew when Hore slotted two more goals in quick-fire order to open up a useful nine-point gap.'
  3. 'The 16 teams involved this year will be split into four pools of four, and play quick-fire group games of ten minutes each way.'
  4. 'Bad Blood at The Alhambra is a quick-fire farce featuring twisting plots, twisted characters, rapid action, witty dialogue, ferocious greed and sexual jealousy.'
  5. 'The six-year-old came into his own last season, scoring over this course and distance in August, which was the middle leg of a quick-fire hat-trick, his other victories being achieved at Bath and Pontefract.'
  6. 'As Richards' quick-fire delivery continues, with talk of three - year plans and audience penetration, it would be easy to view him as a hard-nosed corporate raider about to ruthlessly exploit a niche in the market.'
  7. 'Avenue lost possession after running the ball into touch almost right from the re-start and Webster completed a quick-fire double when he rifled a diagonal shot low into the corner of Britton's goal.'
  8. 'Robert Robinson was famed for his enduring comb-over and love of knowledge, and the contestants were mainly middle-class families, pitted against each other with quick-fire general knowledge questions.'
  9. 'They forced a quick-fire equaliser, Juanjo taking advantage of another overindulgent spot-kick award as Michael Stewart, at worst, chafed the Spaniard's leg just inside the area.'
  10. 'Joke followed joke in quick-fire succession as she regaled the audience with her potted life history, ‘I was quite clever when I was about four and then it did tail off a bit,’ she modestly claimed.'
(of a gun) able to fire shots in rapid succession.
  1. 'The old 57-mm quick-fire gun turrets were replaced by a more powerful 75-mm howitzer turret.'
  2. 'The Lewis Revolving Rifle puts the game way off balance giving you six quick-fire shots before having to reload.'


1. firing or equipped for firing rapidly, especially at moving targets.

More examples(as adjective)

"successions can be quickfire."

"responses can be quickfire."

"centuries can be quickfire."

"attacks can be quickfire."