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A player stationed behind the centre who directs a team's offensive play.
  1. 'The run defense was stout, and the team pressured quarterbacks despite problems at defensive end.'
  2. 'Both teams have strong-armed quarterbacks and dangerous receivers.'
  3. 'Starting quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs were ineligible for consideration.'
  4. 'Rookie quarterbacks deal with offensive playbooks that dwarf the ones they studied in college.'
  5. 'Long was at his best in the big games, relentlessly pursuing quarterbacks and running backs.'
  6. 'For the first time, one school had a quarterback and two running backs drafted in the first round.'
  7. 'Merriman plays as both a defensive end and outside linebacker, and quarterbacks better make sure they know where he is.'
  8. 'The Super Bowl is the place where American football's great quarterbacks go to get rings and establish legacies.'
  9. 'Just about every NFL team has a quarterback in place who is viewed as the future of the franchise.'
  10. 'Let that be a lesson to all of the NFL teams that believe a quarterback has to be rushed into the lineup.'
  11. 'Quite often, everyone is acting independently, with the exception of the accountant, the quarterback.'
  12. 'The fact of the matter is, the town has got a lot of people in it who are armchair quarterbacks, or who like to comment on the passing scene.'
  13. 'They are the quarterbacks, the lead singers, the objects of admiration and envy.'


Play as a quarterback for (a particular team)
  1. 'Anyone who quarterbacks a team that doesn't score in three straight games is on the spot.'
  2. 'Herrion, 23, played college ball at Utah and was a captain on the 2003 team that was quarterbacked by sophomore Alex Smith, now a rookie starter with the 49ers.'
  3. 'He quarterbacked his team to a flag football title, coached a B-league championship, took the A-league softball crown in 1998 with Black Magic, and even added a ping pong championship as icing on the cake.'
  4. 'It has been four years, three teams and countless off-the-field incidents since Kerry Collins quarterbacked a playoff team.'
  5. 'Brett Favre, whose 27 touchdown passes tied for the NFC lead, has quarterbacked the same team longer than any NFL signal caller.'
  6. '‘My wife put the phone up to his ear and said he was blinking,’ says Kelly, who quarterbacked the Buffalo Bills to four straight Super Bowls in the '90s.'
  7. '‘We were always totally prepared,’ says Robbie Bosco, who quarterbacked the Cougars' 1984 national title team and now is a member of Gary Crowton's BYU staff.'
  8. 'His ability to quarterback the team has also allowed Payton to operate without as many double-teams.'
  9. 'So far, McNabb has quarterbacked the Eagles to four postseason appearances in his career.'
  10. 'For example, we used Bob Griese in 1972 instead of Earl Morrall, who quarterbacked the Miami Dolphins through most of their undefeated regular season because Griese was injured.'
  11. 'McIntyre had been quarterbacking the development of a satellite video transmission system'
  12. 'CFO Simms, who is quarterbacking the technology changes in Kinston, notes that the ASN requirements will begin to go downstream to components suppliers in November of this year.'
  13. 'The commander is the most unique position in that it allows one player to quarterback the entire team's operations.'

More definitions

1. a back in football who usually lines up immediately behind the center and directs the offense of the team.

2. the position played by this back.

3. a person who leads or directs a group or activity. verb (used with object)

4. to direct the offense of (a team).

5. to lead or direct: to quarterback a public-relations campaign. verb (used without object)

6. to play the position of quarterback.

More examples(as adjective)

"wins can be quarterbacked."