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The amount or number of a material or abstract thing not usually estimated by spatial measurement.
  1. 'The 1920s brought the great bull market in which the value and quantity of stocks traded soared.'
  2. 'His mathematical work, though not large in quantity, was first-rate in quality.'
  3. 'The quantity of building material must be able to withstand the expected traffic.'
  4. 'The label should indicate the insulation material, R-value, quantity, and the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor.'
  5. 'In this study, the extent of reduction in seed production due to insufficient pollen quantity and quality were examined in a naturally pollinated M. stellata population.'
  6. '‘The cost of any project is a measure of quality times quantity,’ he says.'
  7. 'However, this quantity cannot be directly estimated.'
  8. 'We estimated the total quantity of protein in the gland by using the BioRad color photometric method.'
  9. 'A consensus was reached during the workshop that both the quality and quantity of raw materials were a source of great concern in the leather industry of the Eastern and Southern African region.'
  10. 'The groups did not differ significantly with respect to any of the measures of semen quantity and quality.'
  11. 'a small quantity of food'
  12. 'On my own, I don't buy massive quantities of groceries like we did for the family.'
  13. 'In Cornwall and North Wales in particular, many sites produce considerable quantities of Roman goods.'
  14. 'Britain has continued to drink large quantities of tea, in good times and bad.'
  15. 'Mrs Jones, the jury was told, had drunk large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis for a number of years.'
  16. 'Most can be rehydrated quickly and easily by drinking large quantities of a solution of oral rehydration salts.'
  17. 'Firstly, it generates considerable quantities of toxic waste, some of which remains radioactive for tens of thousands of years.'
  18. 'Pack trains were capable of moving very considerable quantities of goods, often through difficult terrain.'
  19. '‘This operation is not about finding a large quantity of drugs but to reassure the public and take out middle level dealers,’ he said.'
  20. 'We have good evidence that young adults are buying large quantities of drink and selling it to youngsters at a healthy profit.'
  21. 'Townsend was noted for exporting considerable quantities of pewter to these shores.'
  22. 'she was able to drink quantities of beer without degenerating into giggles'
  23. 'Well, there were quantities of that drug missing from the hospital during the time these people were dying.'
  24. 'Locally, some traders have bought quantities of genuine Livestrong bands and are selling them on at a profit.'
  25. 'If you buy cereal in bulk quantities the shelf height should be 18 inches.'
  26. 'Bulk quantities of spices can be accommodated in a storage system that will hold these items in large containers.'
  27. 'The judge said that police found 35.2g cannabis, evidence of his attempts at drug horticulture and a quantity of money when they raided his home.'
The perceived length of a vowel sound or syllable.
  1. 'The most obvious common phonetic feature may be the linguistically distinctive quantity in both vowels and consonants.'
  2. 'In speech, this feature is reflected in phonological quantity.'
A value or component that may be expressed in numbers.
  1. 'This quantity is called the Mean Square of the velocity.'
  2. 'De triangulis is in five books, the first of which gives the basic definitions: quantity, ratio, equality, circles, arcs, chords, and the sine function.'
  3. 'Those ratios are the same for both quantity and value.'
  4. 'The heat absorbed or released in a reaction depends on a quantity called enthalpy, represented by the capital letter H.'
  5. 'The quantity w represents the average fitness of the population at equilibrium.'

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1. a particular or indefinite amount of anything: a small quantity of milk; the ocean's vast quantity of fish.

2. an exact or specified amount or measure: Mix the ingredients in the quantities called for.

3. a considerable or great amount: to extract ore in quantity.

4. Mathematics. the property of magnitude involving comparability with other magnitudes. something having magnitude, or size, extent, amount, or the like. magnitude, size, volume, area, or lengt

More examples(as adjective)

"specifications can be quantity."

"forecasts can be quantity."


Middle English: from Old French quantite, from Latin quantitas (translating Greek posotēs), from quantus ‘how great, how much’.