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(especially of the earth) shake or tremble.
  1. 'All three of them went tumbling to the floor as the very foundation they were on began to quake violently.'
  2. 'Four soldiers charge at Gallahad, he then looks at the ground and the Earth starts to quake making the soliders go flying everywhere.'
  3. 'Its smoke ascended like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain quaked greatly.'
  4. 'The trees trembled, the rocks quaked and all the animals fled in alarm.'
  5. 'The branches quaked violently and the leaves were flattened and torn free and scattered across the grass.'
  6. 'those words should have them quaking in their boots'
  7. 'Up on the moors, Baildon Golf Club's members start playing the second hole on top of a huge rocky bank that makes novice players quake in their golf shoes.'
  8. 'What is it about religion that leaves people quaking in their otherwise creative shoes?'
  9. 'With natural gas prices skyrocketing this winter, people aren't just shuddering from the cold - they're quaking at the thought of coming energy bills.'
  10. 'It is not just the animals that are quivering in the waiting room - the owners are quaking at the thought of facing the vet's bill!'
  11. 'I am quaking with all-encompassing fear at the prospect, an act that may help to save me by keeping my body temperature up.'
  12. 'By this time I was literally quaking in my Reeboks, certain that at any moment the gum chewer, with a dismissive click of his fingers, would signal to those two soldiers to take me away.'
  13. 'In the face of such responsibility, I was often quaking in my sandals.'
  14. '‘You did it, you dived with the Great White Sharks’ said Rodney Fox as I clambered from the cage still quaking.'
  15. 'But she refused to look weak in front of him, even though she was quaking on the inside.'
  16. 'Although this book might leave parents of teenage daughters quaking, it is an erotic, insightful and memorable debut.'


An earthquake.
  1. 'The quake was followed by at least four aftershocks and additional quakes of up to magnitude 6 could follow, the agency said.'
  2. 'In her paper, Agnes Helmstetter, now of the University of California, Los Angeles, uses the most complete analysis to date to argue that maps that ignore small quakes miss a big part of the picture.'
  3. 'However, even this method failed to capture the true size of the biggest quakes, which can generate much longer waves.'
  4. 'Several strong quakes followed through the night, and aftershocks continued to jolt the area through yesterday evening.'
  5. 'In Sumatra there have been serious quakes in the last several years which haven't had the same consequences as the one on Boxing Day.'
  6. 'The jolt came a few hours after several powerful quakes rattled northwestern Japan over a span of two hours starting at 5: 56 pm Saturday.'
  7. 'Experts warned, however, that Japan - notoriously susceptible to quakes and whose crowded capital is well overdue for the Big One - may not be so lucky next time.'
  8. 'At numerous points along their line smaller quakes and aftershocks were taking place, adding to the tsunamis rippling out.'
  9. 'New analyses of old seismic data have unveiled a previously unrecognized type of earthquake - quakes created by brief surges of massive glaciers.'
  10. 'In recent decades, quakes felt in San Diego, a city lacking a big disaster in its history, have tended to be far-away temblors with a long reach.'
  11. 'a little quake of delayed shock nudged her'

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1. (of persons) to shake or tremble from cold, weakness, fear, anger, or the like: He spoke boldly even though his legs were quaking.

2. (of things) to shake or tremble, as from shock, internal convulsion, or instability: The earth suddenly began to quake. noun

3. an earthquake.

4. a trembling or tremulous agitation.

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"pots can be quaking."

"grasses can be quaking."

"valleys can be quaking."

"turfs can be quaking."

"terrorists can be quaking."

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(quake)Old English cwacian.