Adjective "quadruplicate" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Consisting of four parts or elements.
  1. 'The mean of at least quadruplicate measurements was determined during a period of approximately 2 minutes at each position.'


Multiply (something) by four.


    1. one of four copies or identical items, especially copies of typewritten material. adjective

    2. consisting of four identical parts.

    3. pertaining to a fourth item or copy of something. verb (used with object), quadruplicated, quadruplicating.

    4. to produce or copy in quadruplicate.

    5. to make four times as great. Idioms

    6. in quadruplicate, in four identical copies.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "reports can be quadruplicate."

    "measurements can be quadruplicate."


    Mid 17th century: from Latin quadruplicat- ‘quadrupled’, from the verb quadruplicare, from quadruplex, quadruplic- ‘fourfold’, from quadru- ‘four’ + plicare ‘to fold’.


    in quadruplicate