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Consisting of four parts.
  1. 'Individual Maya buildings and shrines often had quadripartite floor plans.'
  2. 'The lower level of this structure consists of a triple-bay porch, with quadripartite groin vaults springing from a series of broad, round arches.'
  3. 'The accord is referred to as the quadripartite agreement, because it was signed by Brazil, Argentina, the IAEA, and the ABACC.'
  4. 'Knowledge of the reasoning behind the exhibition, however, sheds light on far more than its title and quadripartite structure.'
  5. 'In 1948, however, the Soviets refused to participate any longer in the quadripartite administration of Germany.'


1. divided into or consisting of four parts.

2. involving four participants: a quadripartite treaty.

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"vaults can be quadripartite in designs."

"vaults can be quadripartite."

"vaultings can be quadripartite."

"designs can be quadripartite."

"conferences can be quadripartite."

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Late Middle English: from Latin quadripartitus, from quadri- ‘four’ + partitus ‘divided’.