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Recurring every four years.
  1. 'This already heated debate over NUP will almost certainly boil over in July at the AFECIO's quadrennial convention.'
  2. 'The Pacific island nation Kiribati, the newest addition to the Olympic family, made its debut in the quadrennial event.'
  3. 'The top three boxers in the flyweight division automatically qualified for the quadrennial event in Sydney in September.'
  4. 'It represented a first for Thailand and the quadrennial event featured more than 20,000 participants.'
  5. 'It has many species; some are annual, some biennial, some quadrennial and some fourteen - yearly flowering.'
  6. 'He is reportedly planning to attend the quadrennial soccer tournament's opening ceremony May 31 in Seoul as well.'
  7. 'The quadrennial presidential contests have offered, across the past 40 years, a relentlessly shrinking menu.'
  8. 'My church denomination, The United Methodist Church, met in its quadrennial General Conference in May of 2004.'
  9. 'Nonetheless, a purity of sorts still remains, evident in the heavy anticipation of the quadrennial event.'
  10. 'This year, the quadrennial tournament is back in the United States.'
  11. '‘Like all our swimmers, Maggie is on a quadrennial plan,’ Marsh said.'


1. occurring every four years: a quadrennial festival.

2. of or lasting for four years: a quadrennial period. noun

3. an event occurring every four years, as an anniversary or its celebration.

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"reviews can be quadrennial."

"games can be quadrennial."

"elections can be quadrennial."

"scouts can be quadrennial."

"proposals can be quadrennial."

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Mid 17th century: from quadrennium + -al.