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Showing signs of future success.
  1. 'a promising start to the season'
  2. 'This move marks the end of an era for Chippenham, but also gives the livestock market a promising future.'
  3. 'It can provide a promising future and be potentially profitable.'
  4. 'There may not be a pitcher in baseball with a more promising future.'
  5. 'In their place come several top draft choices and a number of promising youngsters.'
  6. 'The future appeared very promising for the bright yellow racer but the plane was badly damaged in a landing accident after the races.'
  7. 'She let go of a potentially promising musical career.'
  8. 'This bold augmentation of his range of forms is not fully resolved, but remains a promising area for future experimentation.'
  9. 'Abandoning a promising career as a virtuoso pianist, he became an influential teacher.'
  10. 'While some will end up with a promising start to their future careers, others will have to live with the poor results they received in the National College Entrance Examination.'
  11. 'Even though most parents realize that success in school can create a more promising future, they may underestimate their own potential to impact learning.'


1. giving favorable promise; likely to turn out well: a promising young man; a promising situation.

More examples(as adjective)

"prospects can be promising in places."

"products can be promising in terms."

"industries can be promising in/at/on times."

"indicators can be promising in halves."

"zincs can be promising for producers."

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