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Of the nature of or according to a programme, schedule, or method.
  1. 'Even at this early stage, the non-party has 70 regional branches, which will discuss the programmatic paper.'
  2. 'In one programmatic statement, he reduced the structural method to four basic operations.'
  3. 'The promised development of a long term, strategic, programmatic approach will be a major step forward.'
  4. 'We transform study into training such that the university becomes entirely programmatic and oriented to the economy.'
  5. 'Discussions of how to address environmental ethics at camp usually offer programmatic exercises or discussions of ethics like the experiential lesson just described.'
  6. 'The programmatic demands, for now, are more radically reformist than revolutionary, which makes their rejection all the more disquieting.'
  7. 'The book offers few broad programmatic prescriptions, but several follow logically from the book's evidence.'
  8. 'Before 2005, the approved conceptual and programmatic documents suggest the following schedule.'
  9. 'The Commission used this new flexibility to develop its own regional priorities, and to introduce its own programmatic approach to regional assistance.'
  10. 'They have a justifiable and healthy reaction against the model of programmatic church, and I think that it's good in many respects.'
Of the nature of programme music.
  1. 'The vast orchestration in context is reminiscent of her home country, and the drama in the tracks take more from programmatic classical music than pop.'
  2. 'The words for emotions here, the programmatic vocabulary and the verbs reveal a certain way of looking at music as something that conveys feelings as a person knows and conveys them.'
  3. 'The lush melodies and programmatic effects in Chaminade's works will be appealing to audiences as well.'
  4. 'Vaughan Williams seems to have been particularly coy about the programmatic ideas that had propelled the symphony, crucially in some places.'
  5. 'The piece Wind is reminiscent of a programmatic étude, requiring finger fluency and agility to execute quick pentatonic scale passages in both hands.'
  6. 'Based on long poem by Joseph Rodman Drake, this highly programmatic rhapsody describes the labors a male fairy must complete to be forgiven for falling in love with a mortal woman.'
  7. 'The symphonies are more like a ‘fantasy or overture’ and the two here are both programmatic.'
  8. 'While not strictly programmatic, MacDowell's writing evokes heroes, villains, fair ladies, and life-and-death combats.'
  9. 'This element of mystery may sometimes suggest the sinister, and there is likely to remain a touch of the sinister in great music, even the least programmatic of it.'
  10. 'That cannot be said of the other works on the disk, with one exception, and the programmatic notes of several of the composers underscore that.'


1. of, pertaining to, consisting of, or resembling program music.

2. of, having, advocating, resembling, or following a plan, policy, or program: programmatic art.

More examples(as adjective)

"works can be programmatic."

"point of views can be programmatic."

"efforts can be programmatic."

"changes can be programmatic."