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The degree to which a business or activity yields profit or financial gain.
  1. 'intense rivalry reduces industry profitability'
  2. 'Only 15 percent of employees felt that the price of gas would affect company profitability.'
  3. 'The companies say farmers are happy with the performance and profitability of the crops.'
  4. 'Higher jet fuel prices are threatening to erode the profitability of these airlines.'
  5. 'We're trying to get farmers to develop a plan to improve profitability.'
  6. 'Government policy that maximises profitability of businesses needs to be devised.'
  7. 'We will ensure that farmers have a strong safety net and can achieve profitability in the marketplace.'
  8. 'In order to provide profitability, we had to cut into rising fixed costs somehow.'
  9. 'We expect in 15 to 18 months we can reach profitability.'
  10. 'In order to insure profitability, it is a good idea to determine the profit you need from this enterprise.'
  11. 'Only a handful of companies will ever manage to bring their products to the marketplace and achieve profitability.'

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1. yielding profit; remunerative: a profitable deal.

2. beneficial or useful.

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"levels can be profitability."

"goals can be profitability."

"years can be profitability."

"problems can be profitability."

"targets can be profitability."

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