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In its original condition; unspoilt.
  1. 'These factors have helped to preserve the reefs and they remain in pristine condition.'
  2. 'Remember that land once built on can never be restored to its pristine condition.'
  3. 'The interiors of the church remain the same and have been maintained in pristine condition.'
  4. 'While you may come across a 17th century object in pristine condition, the odds are against it.'
  5. 'Sad to report, it was sold in its original box, its pristine condition signalling that it had never been opened.'
  6. 'The barge itself was in pristine condition enhanced by being in full sail.'
  7. 'What I do know is that Muirfield is in pristine condition and has been beautifully presented.'
  8. 'I just kept the wonderful black and gold address book in its pristine condition as a souvenir.'
  9. 'In addition the Town Council also ensured that the cemetery was in pristine condition.'
  10. 'The pitch is in pristine condition and it was a thrill for both teams to be able to play good hurling on such a good surface.'
  11. 'a pristine white shirt'
  12. 'Her normally pristine white hair was matted and stringy and streaked with gray.'
  13. 'His whites are pristine despite seven hours of food preparation.'
  14. 'Since it was out of the way of the dust, debris and workmen, it allowed Heidi to keep her hair and dress in pristine condition.'
  15. 'He has been responsible for the pristine condition of the Liffeyside Park.'
  16. 'It's a hopeful sign if their wardrobes contain a pristine row of white shirts, or monochrome cashmere.'
  17. 'Jasmine returned her gaze toward the pristine white of the table cloth, her heart in her shoes.'
  18. 'The quiet, unobtrusive Scot has gone about his task of having the course in pristine condition.'
  19. 'The walls were white and actually quite pristine - Reuben had never seen such clean walls before.'
  20. 'As the morning passed the bags began to fill and the roadsides were returned to their pristine condition once more.'
  21. 'His face and once pristine white school shirt were drenched in blood.'


1. having its original purity; uncorrupted or unsullied.

2. of or relating to the earliest period or state; primitive.

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"places can be pristine for entries."

"conditions can be pristine."

"beaches can be pristine."

"areas can be pristine."

"wildernesses can be pristine."

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Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘original, former, primitive and undeveloped’): from Latin pristinus ‘former’. The senses ‘unspoilt’ and ‘spotless’ date from the 1920s.