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Covered in prickles.
  1. 'I liked the stealthy hiding part, often choosing the excellent cover provided by a set of prickly Pyracantha bushes in a neighboring yard.'
  2. 'One plant we should see more of is Rubus biflorus, the ornamental bramble, whose prickly stems are covered in a white, waxy bloom.'
  3. 'The true protectors of clownfish in the ocean, however, are not parents but rather prickly, stinging sea anemones that live on reefs.'
  4. 'We kept driving, past cedar thickets and a pasture studded with blooming prickly pear cactus.'
  5. 'I didn't see any cut Blue spruces but the 90 cm potted trees at £25 are lovely, with their prickly needles coloured with a metallic blue sheen.'
  6. 'It's also worthwhile surrounding your pots and trays with netting (or prickly holly clippings) to prevent these rodents digging up the seeds.'
  7. 'We wandered through a maze of prickly bushes and speculated about the people who had lived there once.'
  8. 'The fruit is tough and prickly on the outside, tender and sweet on the inside.'
  9. 'Like prickly pear thorns, needle grass penetrated moccasins and leather leggings and punctured the skin.'
  10. 'The perfectly symmetrical prickly balled yacca or Australia grass tree, which takes 100 years to grow a central trunk, is my favourite.'
  11. 'his hair was prickly and short'
  12. 'A majestic theme emerges, its clarity disrupted by prickly guitars and scrambled flutterings that threaten to bury it completely.'
  13. 'His face was prickly from the short, protruding facial hairs on his face.'
  14. 'Rya's shirt was soaked and had turned to a crimson color, her hair was covered in blood and it had started to dry, making her hair hard and prickly.'
  15. 'I still remember his gentle brown eyes, set in his warm and prickly skin, and framed by his delicate waves of deep mahogany.'
  16. 'prickly velvet seats'
  17. 'She felt a prickly sensation rise over skin, as she shivered.'
  18. 'It's this so-called bronchial constriction that creates the tight, prickly sensation in your chest, and aerobic exercise only compounds the problem.'
  19. 'Prickly heat is a very itchy rash that appears in hot, humid weather.'
  20. 'If you are overweight or sweat easily you are more likely to have prickly heat.'
  21. 'I felt the hot, prickly sensation I got when I was nervous.'
  22. 'He had the distinct prickly sensation on the back of his neck that usually meant he was being watched.'
  23. 'It was a prickly sensation on his forehead - cool and wet as it trickled down his temples, like drips of water.'
(of a person) ready to take offence.
  1. 'The people are prickly on the outside, but a lot friendlier once you get to know them.'
  2. 'While he is prickly in his dealings with the media, O'Sullivan is an avid student of the press, feeding journalists just enough juicy morsels.'
  3. 'He was awkward, prickly, ill-tempered, condescending and unpredictable.'
  4. 'My brother is prickly when it comes to sales reps - he sees them as a necessary evil.'
  5. 'His sometimes prickly personality could work against him.'
  6. 'One of the reasons that I love Brendan the way I do is because he is a kind and generous person with enough room in his heart for the most prickly among us.'
  7. 'But his prickly sense of slighted dignity and obsessive contempt for other people's ethical squalor inevitably drags him down.'
  8. 'I have learnt how to establish a healthy working rapport with difficult, prickly people with whom I have precious little in common.'
  9. 'He could be very prickly, especially with people who disagreed with him.'
  10. 'People are prickly and difficult, but things - ah, they're a different matter.'
  11. 'this is a prickly subject'
  12. 'You never have to worry that Mowat will press his interviewees on prickly issues.'
  13. 'For months Edmonton's city council has been struggling with prickly issue of raves and this week they cleverly managed to address the issue while at the same time adroitly sidestepping the consequences.'
  14. 'The day's most prickly moment surrounded one of this election year's hottest issues, and encapsulated the risky nature of an unscreened, unscripted town hall meeting.'
  15. 'Although currently regulated, trade in hippo ivory is not banned, and enforcing trade quotas remains a prickly problem.'
  16. 'Pilot seniority is paramount to the pilot group as a whole, and the Flight Options CEO is letting the pilots themselves solve this prickly problem.'
  17. 'Like many issues in a prickly first meeting for 2002 on Tuesday night, Lismore's 12 elected representatives could find little to agree on.'
  18. 'Perhaps movie-makers see it as a prickly subject, limp as a film theme, a let-down for audiences.'
  19. 'What saves the film from being boring is the spark in Anna Friel's performance as the complex and courageous displaced bride and the prickly relationship between herself and her disapproving new family.'
  20. 'I decided to change the subject; grades and siblings and family often lead to prickly conversations.'
  21. 'Yet nationhood is such a prickly issue, it overwhelms even great tragedy.'


1. full of or armed with prickles.

2. full of troublesome points: a prickly problem.

3. prickling; smarting: a prickly sensation.

More examples(as adjective)

"atmospheres can be prickly at times."

"skins can be prickly over areas."

"rosebudses can be prickly round necks."

"nations can be prickly about things."

"backs can be prickly with sweats."

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