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Of the nature of a presumption; presumed in the absence of further information.
  1. 'The presumptive diagnosis is made based on history and physical examination, but further evaluation is needed.'
  2. 'The angulated and rhomboidal shape in addition to the striated surface of the sporangiospores allowed the presumptive identification of the etiologic agent as Rhizopus species.'
  3. 'She was admitted to the intensive care unit with the presumptive diagnosis of septic shock.'
  4. 'Using commonly recognized test end points, a presumptive diagnosis was made in 57 patients.'
  5. 'He was discharged the following afternoon with a presumptive diagnosis of vasovagal syncope, perhaps related to defecation.'
  6. 'Esophagram and manometry confirmed the presumptive diagnosis of achalasia.'
  7. 'They were transferred to our neonatal intensive care unit with a presumptive diagnosis of perinatal asphyxia.'
  8. 'If physicians have not concurrently screened for chlamydial infection, the CDC recommends presumptive treatment for chlamydia at the time of treatment for gonorrhea.'
  9. 'If no answer had been provided immediately, presumptive broad-spectrum therapy may have been continued until a result was returned.'
  10. 'The Freedom of Information Act set the ground rules for, and establishes a presumptive right of, access to unpublished records of executive agencies by any person, regardless of citizenship.'


    1. affording ground for presumption: presumptive evidence.

    2. based on likelihood or presumption: a presumptive title; the presumptive nominee.

    3. regarded as such by presumption; based on inference.

    4. Embryology. pertaining to the part of an embryo that, in the course of normal development, will predictably become a particular structure or region.

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    "diagnoses can be presumptive."

    "taxes can be presumptive."

    "penalties can be presumptive."

    "midbrains can be presumptive."

    "shares can be presumptive."

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    Late Middle English: from French présomptif, -ive, from late Latin praesumptivus, from praesumpt- ‘taken before’, from the verb praesumere (see presume).