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Of, affecting, or resembling a pig or pigs.
  1. 'I feel a need to have a pig category of postings as I'm a great fan of all things porcine.'
  2. 'Its new porcine casing is much in demand and is having to be rationed to customers.'
  3. 'She has a walk that wouldn't look out of place on a sumo wrestler and a laugh which is punctuated with alarmingly porcine snorts.'
  4. 'So while visiting a disco in Rouen on Christmas Eve with his porcine coworker he decides to take his revenge.'
  5. 'Gene sequencing showed that it was derived from the porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus by the loss of a sizeable chunk of RNA from one of its genes.'
  6. 'It works like a dose of porcine Valium, calming the piggies down and rendering them distinctly friendly.'
  7. 'I also mentioned that the reshaped end in its newly raw state resembled a porcine visage.'
  8. 'We should actually think of eating pig products as an honour - we should worship our porcine buddies for providing us with sausages and bacon.'
  9. 'Dudley Council have ordered the removal of piggy banks and all other porcine effigies after complaints.'
  10. 'The woods are renowned for their porcine mushrooms, but they're not that easy to make out against the rest of the undergrowth.'

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1. of or relating to swine.

2. resembling swine; hoggish; piggish.

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"insulins can be porcine."

"syndromes can be porcine."

"pastimes can be porcine."

"cells can be porcine."

"viruses can be porcine."

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Mid 17th century: from French porcin or Latin porcinus, from porcus ‘pig’.