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A synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc., that can be moulded into shape while soft, and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form.
  1. count noun 'bottles can be made from a variety of plastics'
  2. 'A bill to deal with beverage containers would discourage the use of plastic by imposing a levy on manufacturers who use plastic bottles, and would encourage the return and recycling of bottles.'
  3. 'Protect your furniture and carpet by laying down plastic, then newspaper.'
  4. 'People were wearing dust masks and everything stank of burnt plastic.'
  5. 'Do not put either glass or plastic in hot water; they may crack, especially if cold.'
  6. 'There was a time when outdoor furniture was either teak, aluminum, or plastic.'
  7. 'Her house is a shack made of sticks, black plastic and a few sheets of tin.'
  8. 'At the same time, AmEx will step up its drive to wean large companies and small businesses from checks to corporate plastic.'
  9. 'However, in the meantime, play safe: take as much care with your loyalty cards as you do with your cash and other plastic.'
  10. 'Each plastic card resembles a credit card, but is in fact a completely self contained microcomputer with its own embedded software and memory.'
  11. 'So, you'd be barking mad to use any plastic abroad, other than a Nationwide BS or SAGA card.'
  12. 'She lives within a strict budget, and the only plastic in her wallet is a debit card.'
  13. 'Some feared that the charges would erode the card's upscale position as the premium-priced plastic.'
  14. 'Hence, with so much plastic in circulation, Britain needs to treat its credit cards with respect.'
  15. 'Anxious to be a-doing, I hied myself to an Office Depot in the South of Market district and laid down some plastic for a Palm Vx.'
  16. 'I wouldn't like to have a cheque book or plastic.'
  17. 'Check out the fantastic plastic in our Credit Card centre.'


Made of plastic.
  1. 'This means that all newspapers, cardboard and plastic drinks bottles can now be easily disposed of, instead of having these items dumped in landfill sites.'
  2. 'I should at least get marks for effort: I have gone to coffee mornings, decorated boxes with gold paint and plastic jewels and operated the tea-urn at a tabletop sale.'
  3. 'Like most sparkling water in plastic bottles, it can overflow when you remove the cap.'
  4. 'The rockets are plastic toys suspended from strings.'
  5. 'It was a yellow plastic banana board with orange wheels.'
  6. 'This eye-catching, bright orange plastic bottle sports a jazzy front label that insists only natural flavours are used, no artificial sweeteners are added, and the drink is fortified with vitamins and calcium.'
  7. 'He unhooked his arm and grabbed a plastic cup from the bag on the counter.'
  8. 'If you're using plastic pots the soil can become quite warm.'
  9. 'Often customers will reuse plastic containers long after their contents are gone, especially when it still looks good.'
  10. 'The animals are placed in plastic dish tubs and, using a mixture of warm water and a dab of mild soap, rescue workers scrub the birds' feathers.'
  11. 'a holiday rep with huge white teeth and a plastic smile'
  12. '‘Everything about him was right,’ she bleats, apparently failing to notice that he had a fake plastic face.'
  13. 'Giving him a plastic smile, Lenore headed towards the stables.'
  14. 'Her eyes did not linger long on them, she felt as if they were superficial, fake, plastic.'
  15. 'Every time I fly into New Zealand I get a lump in my throat, but I'm always convinced it's the plastic airline food.'
  16. 'After she broke down in the dressing room, all she could try to do was fake a plastic smile and pray that it will be over soon.'
  17. 'She looks at me and puts on a plastic smile. ‘Sir, it will take about ten minutes if you don't mind waiting.’'
  18. 'There will be no air hostesses to flash their plastic smiles!'
  19. 'Mom smiled politely with a plastic giggle here and there.'
  20. 'I know that you've seen his plastic smile on a thousand eager faces before.'
  21. 'Next week, our fake plastic love for Radiohead.'
(of substances or materials) easily shaped or moulded.
  1. 'The process to make the cap includes positioning viscous plastic material in a mold to produce the desired retention member shape.'
  2. 'New materials have come from the chemical industry and from the molecular engineering of new plastic substances.'
  3. 'They are working on making the cells into a flexible plastic material.'
  4. 'At this point, they are still moving around pretty fast, so they are bounced around in a nearby plastic material.'
  5. 'This is a thin film that's been coated onto a flexible plastic material backed by a strong glue.'
  6. 'Like reading, writing was a plastic medium which filled various needs and purposes.'
  7. 'Such activities were not only affirming but also emotively comforting to the client in ways that more plastic mediums have not been.'
  8. 'Genotypic selection was measured on plastic traits in each environment to test whether the observed direction of plasticity was adaptive.'
  9. 'Instead, the brain is plastic, and our quota of happiness can be enhanced through mental training.'
  10. 'the plastic arts'
  11. 'Four principal types of source pertain to the subject: literature, works of graphic or plastic art, archaeological remains, and notated pieces of music.'
  12. 'Study of his comments on plastic dynamism confirm this reading.'
  13. 'The topic was also addressed for several day through works of plastic art and performances.'
  14. 'AFM data, described below, also did not show any obvious plastic deformation after repeated indentation.'
  15. 'Normally, such plastic deformations result in developing smooth or gently wrinkled boundary surfaces.'
  16. 'He postulated that the energy due to plastic deformation must be added to the surface energy associated with the creation of new crack surfaces.'
  17. 'Any attempt to do so results in greater deformation of the rolls, without any plastic deformation of the strip.'
  18. 'Therefore, micropipette aspiration deforms the cell with a mixture of elastic and plastic deformations.'
  19. 'A significant amount of the total plastic deformation therefore occurs in the microcracks grow and link up in the final stages of fracture.'
  20. 'In crystalline solids, plastic deformation tends to be confined to crystallographic planes of atoms which have a low resistance to shear.'
  21. 'Yielding occurs from point A to point B and this is the area of plastic deformation.'
  22. 'It should also be added that the fine precipitate particles can act as dislocation multiplication centers during plastic deformation.'
  23. 'This limits local concentrations of plastic deformation and suppresses fatigue damage.'


1. Often, plastics. any of a group of synthetic or natural organic materials that may be shaped when soft and then hardened, including many types of resins, resinoids, polymers, cellulose derivatives, casein materials, and proteins: used in place of other materials, as glass, wood, and metals, in construction and decoration, for making many articles, as coatings, and, drawn into filaments, for weaving. They are often known by trademark names, as Bakelite, Vinylite, or Lucite.

2. a credit

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"bags can be plastic."

"surgeries can be plastic."

"bottles can be plastic."

"containers can be plastic."

"products can be plastic."

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Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘characteristic of moulding’): from French plastique or Latin plasticus, from Greek plastikos, from plassein ‘to mould’.